Geely Monjaro 2022.

Geely Monjaro 2022.

Geely Monjaro 2022.

All you need to know about the new Geely Monjaro (Xingyue L) 2022 — the latest news.

Geely company the other day said that it is suspending the production of cars at the Belarusian plant.

This decision will be valid until at least the first of April.

In this regard, sales of the new crossover Geely Monjaro 2022 in the Russian market may begin with a noticeable delay.

Moreover, it is not excluded the option that the Chinese model will not come to us.

Note that Geely has not recently made any statements about the problems associated with possible delays in supplying the Monjaro to Russia.

The decision to suspend production of cars in Belarus, according to Western sources, is due to reputational risks.

Geely, unlike many other Chinese companies, is deeply integrated into the European business.

It owns the Volvo brand, which has already suspended sales of its cars in Russia.

Geely Monjaro 2022.

And in general, Geely has been actively promoting crossovers in the European market lately.

The Chinese company has not yet announced a final decision on its presence in Russia and Belarus.

Representatives of Geely said that management is still analyzing the possible consequences that may come after the implementation of any of the scenarios.

However, it is possible that the Monjaro will still enter the Russian market. This is evidenced by the news about the tests, which Geely conducted shortly before the suspension of production in Belarus.

Then the Monjaro was sent for tests, which took place at subzero temperatures, which fell to -40 degrees, and on snowy ground.

Geely Monjaro 2022.

The car within the framework of these tests drove about 15 thousand kilometers. Geely was satisfied with the results of the tests. There were no problems with the Monjaro after the tests.

While Geely is preparing the crossover for the Russian market, sales of the new Xingyue L in the Thor Hi-X version have started in China.

This model is a redesigned version of the Monjaro. The difference between these modifications of the crossover is traced mainly in the appearance and technical part.

But it is the latter that makes the Xingyue L significantly better than the Monjaro.

Geely Monjaro 2022.

Let’s remind that the model intended for Russia, is equipped with an 8-speed «automatic» and a 2-liter turbocharged engine, producing up to 238 hp It is supplemented by a four-wheel drive.

The Chinese model is equipped with a hybrid unit, which is based on a branded supercharged 1.5-liter engine.

Its maximum output is capped at 150 hp and its towing torque is capped at 225 N*m.

This hybrid comes with a 3-speed transmission, which is supplemented by an electric drive.

The average fuel consumption of such a unit reaches 4.3 liters, and the cumulative range is equal to 1.3 thousand kilometers.

Geely company has just started taking pre-orders for the new Xingyue L with a hybrid.

Geely Monjaro 2022.

Commercial samples of the crossover will reach buyers on March 5. The new Xingyue L with a hybrid unit is priced at 173.7 thousand yuan, which is approximately 2.86 million rubles.

In addition to changes in appearance and technical part, Geely has added a third screen in the interior of the crossover, built into the front panel next to the multimedia touchscreen.

Visual differences between the models can be traced to the front of the body.

The hybrid crossover’s radiator grille has narrow slats of polygonal shape and compact size, while the Monjaro has vertical slats.

The front bumper of the crossover for Russia has more aggressive look due to wide air intakes.


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