Hyundai Seven 2022.

Hyundai Seven 2022.

Hyundai Seven 2022.

The 2022 Hyundai Seven is a concept mid-size electric family SUV.

Hyundai Seven crossover with a «room» instead of the usual interior hinted at the flagship Ioniq.

The production electric SUV with a design based on the concept will debut in a year or two. The model is expected to travel about 480 km on a single charge.

Hyundai turned the Ioniq into a separate «green» brand last year, with a family of liftback (electric car and two hybrids) with that name is still on sale, although it has nothing to do with the sub-brand.

Firstborn of the new brand became a cross-hatch Ioniq 5, which grew out of the show car Hyundai 45, it started in the spring of 2021.

The second model will be a sedan Ioniq 6 with a design based on the prototype Prophecy.

Well, the third upcoming electric car — a large crossover, which, according to preliminary information, will enter the market under the name Ioniq 7.

The forerunner of the SUV, the Hyundai Seven concept, has just been unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Hyundai is proud of streamlined silhouette of «Seven» — they say, such design demonstrates «a clear departure from the principles» on which crossovers with internal combustion engine were created.

Hyundai Seven 2022.

Thus, the company considers that Seven has brutal look. There is only one door on the driver’s side, two on the right, the back door opens counterclockwise and there is no central pillar.

Like the other models of sub-brand Ioniq, the concept has pixel optics.

And the 23-inch wheels of the Hyundai Seven have built-in active air flaps that open/close to cool the brakes and reduce air resistance.

Hyundai Seven 2022.

As for dimensions, only wheelbase is announced — 3.2 m vs. 2.9 m for Hyundai Palisade.

The interior is more of a rest room than the usual car interior; there are two swivel armchairs, something like a pouffe and a corner sofa.

Hyundai Seven assumes the presence of autopilot, so there is no steering wheel and pedals. However, a joystick is put forward from a driver’s seat if it is necessary to switch over to manual control.

Hyundai Seven 2022.

Also in the arsenal of crossover are listed air purification system, ultraviolet disinfection function, refrigerator and even a special shoe cleaner (disinfects, dries and deodorizes). Finally, the glass roof is a screen. Of course, environmentally friendly materials are used in the finishing.

At the heart of the Hyundai Seven is the E-GMP platform, developed specifically for «electric cars» Hyundai-Kia (based on the same Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6).

Hyundai Seven 2022.

Other details about the technology is not yet available, we only know that Hyundai aims for the range of the commercial electric cross-country Ioniq will be about 480 km.

Previously it was reported that the crossover Ioniq 7 will go on sale in 2024, but mass «Seven» can be shown earlier. And next year we are waiting for the premiere of a commercial sedan Ioniq 6.

Meanwhile, a large electric crossover on the «bogie» E-GMP will appear in Kia: its forerunner was also shown in Los Angeles.

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