Kia Sportage European 2022.

Kia Sportage European 2022.

Kia Sportage European 2022.

Kia Sportage: a short version for Europe is on the way.

As related Hyundai Tucson, crossover Kia Sportage next generation was originally conceived in two versions with different size of wheelbase.

The long Sportage made its debut back in early summer and has already entered the South Korean market.

Subsequently, the same cars will be sold in America, China and other Asian countries. But the short crossover for Europe is not ready yet.

It will be presented on September 1, until then it will be presented in the form of design sketches.

If a short and long versions of Hyundai Tucson have similar design and you can distinguish them only by proportions, the developers of Kia Sportage crossover used different concept.

The short European variant will have another back part of the body, echoing the cars of previous generations — with the original sill line, deaf rear roof pillars and reduced glass of the fifth door.

Kia Sportage European 2022.

Dimensions of the euroversion will remain about the same as the model of the outgoing generation, which has a length of 4485 mm. Among the options are black roof paint and matrix headlights.

All details will be announced later. In European dealers Kia Sportage of new generation will appear till the end of this year.

In Russia the new crossover will get only in first half of 2022, and, most likely, it will be lengthened version.

Kia Sportage European 2022.

External design

Judging by the available images, the new body of the Kia Sportage 2022 model year will keep the usual profile, but will change the shape of the side windows.

Kia Sportage European 2022.

Changes will be made in its rear end.

The light units, which used to be placed on the bumper, are still under question: they are not present in the photos of the fifth-generation car, although the size of the main rear optics remains the same.

Kia Sportage European 2022.

If we talk about the front, it is securely hidden from prying eyes, which confirms the forecast about the use of the new Sportage corporate design, which can be inspected from the same Tucson.


Interior also remains a big mystery, but focusing on the concepts which are used in the latest products of Korean brand, we should expect the appearance of rectangular digital dashboard without visor, a huge central display and a lot of touch buttons on the panel below it.

Approximately the same picture may have to be observed when looking at the central tunnel, where there will be no washers, joysticks or relay switches.

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