Lexus ES 2022.

Lexus ES 2022.

Lexus ES 2022.

The Lexus ES 2022 after the restyling is a refined version of the previous sedan model.

Lexus company has done quite serious work on the preparation of the new version of the ES 2022 sedan model year.

According to the published information, the car, presented on the European market, has changed both externally and internally.

At the same time, Lexus engineers modernized the chassis and updated the technical part.

It is reported that the Japanese model will be available in Europe for the equivalent of 3.5 million rubles.

Lexus has introduced new brackets in the sedan’s chassis, which now combine the rear transverse arms and shock absorbers.

Thanks to such changes, the car became more comfortable in a straight line and easier to steer when changing lanes.

Additionally, engineers installed a large strut near the accelerator pedal, which makes it easier to push and reduces vibration.

Included with the Lexus ES offered updated digital exterior mirrors, satellite navigation and a redesigned multimedia complex with 12.3-inch touchscreen.

Lexus ES 2022.

At the front of the sedan are installed modified headlights with LED lights. These are combined with fast-rotating mirror technology that improves the focus of the light beam.

Integrated assistants can now track cyclists and vehicles with pedestrians that appear in the path when crossing intersections.

Radar cruise control makes cornering easier, and some of the electronics monitor driver behavior, thus keeping the car from veering off course.

The updated Lexus ES is powered by a hybrid unit, the basis of which is a 2.5-liter «atmospheric». In combination with an electric motor, it provides 215 hp of power.

Lexus ES 2022.


Lexus ES 2022 saloon has been supplemented with a new central display with a full-screen touchscreen. The graphics engine has been updated.

The physical buttons at the bottom remain the same, for climate control.

There are no trim upgrades. But on the sporty F sport version, they promise a brighter upholstery design with red leather inserts.

Electronic assistants

Technical stuffing in the form of branded security system, complemented by new overview-circle cameras. Also put a new, more sensitive radar, to control the front spectrum.

The manufacturer notes that such a radar system will work better with obstacles in front of the car.

Lexus ES 2022.

The new radar will effectively respond with a signal and activation of the autonomous braking system, which is especially useful on difficult roadways, during turns.

The safety system will also be augmented with an emergency steering function.

This system is aimed at increasing the stability of the car during maneuvers and evasions.

The updates touched the cruise control system. The car will now automatically accelerate when overtaking slowly moving traffic, and after overtaking, reduce speed to its original values.

The digital rear-view mirror and side-view cameras have also been upgraded.

Lane Tracing Assist learned to recognize lanes more accurately, and dynamic cruise control gained the ability to reduce speed in advance before turning the road.


To improve stability and comfort, the updated ES is equipped with a stiffer suspension. In addition, the braking system has been improved.

ES F Sport suspension is equipped with the new Dynamic Handling Package with Sport + and Custom Drive modes. 650 adjustments to the adaptive suspension are promised, to adjust the leaf springs to any driving conditions.

Lexus ES 2022.

Modifications and specifications

As of today, the current version of the Lexus ES is available in the following modifications:

ES 200 — 2.0 liter engine (150 hp, 192 Nm);
ES 250 — 2.5 liter engine (200 hp, 243 Nm);
ES 350 — V6 3.5 engine (302 hp, 256 Nm);
ES 300h — hybrid based on 2.5-liter engine with 218 horsepower.

An updated model of a medium-sized sedan Lexus EU is planned to present in two modifications.

In addition to the standard updated version, the family lineup will be completed with the new Lexus ES 350h F Sport.

Under the hood of the base model received a new power plant with a combined injection, 2-liter volume, capacity of 150 horses. Transmission unit of a novelty is a stepless robot system Direct Shift.

The ES 350 F Sport version is equipped with a 3.5 liter engine. V6 series 2GR-FKS with variable valve timing systems in the intake and exhaust. The power of the power plant is 305 horsepower.


The updated Lexus ES in terms of dimensions corresponds to the values of an average sedan.

Length, mm — 4980
Width, mm — 1865
Height, mm — 1445
Wheelbase, mm — 2870
Cargo-carrier, l — 460

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