New DS 7 2023.

New DS 7 2023.

New DS 7 2023.

The updated DS 7 for Emmanuel Macron: not the most powerful, but the longest.

The current French president has already received the third version of the DS 7 crossover, it is called Elysee, has an armored body, wheelbase increased by 200 mm and a special decor.

In April this year, Emmanuel Macron became president of France for the second time, the inauguration took place in May.

Exactly five years ago, in May 2017, Macron drove around Paris on the same occasion in a then very fresh DS 7 Crossback crossover in the special Presidentiel version.

Its main difference from the stock car was the sliding fabric roof — it allowed Macron to stand in the crossover at full height during the ride and greet citizens.

Last November, the Stellantis corporation gave the French president a much more seriously redesigned DS 7 Crossback Elysee, elongated and with an armored body, but the original model underwent a restyling in June.

So now Macron received the third special version — DS 7 Elysee, the word Crossback was removed from the name, as well as usual DS 7.

Technically, the new car of the French President repeats the last year’s one: the insertion behind the central columns of the body increased the wheelbase by 200 mm to 2938 mm, overall length increased from 4593 to 4793 mm, the leg room in the second row became more by 545 mm.

New DS 7 2023.

Interior photos of presidential crossover press-service Stellantis this time has not published, reported only that instead of a single sofa in the second row there are two separate seats with leather upholstery of black basalt color and comfortable armrests.

The ceiling is covered with alcantara, next to the president’s chair there is an area with wireless charging for a smartphone, several USB ports and a holder for papers.

Features of the reservation, of course, are not disclosed.

The exterior features of the DS 7 Elysee are the Ink Blue color, traditional for the French presidential cortege cars, 20-inch wheel rims of special design.

New DS 7 2023.

Emblems with the colors of the French flag, mounted in the radiator grille special signals, retractable flagpoles in the front fenders and decorative plates on the front doors with the letters RF, which stand for République Française, i.e. the French Republic.

Power plant is the same as in the serial hybrid version E-Tense 300, that is with a full drive (electric motor rotates rear wheels) and peak power of 300 hp.

Meanwhile, «civilian» DS 7 together with the update got a new top modification E-Tense 360, which cumulative payoff of the power plant is increased up to 360 hp.

New DS 7 2023.

The chassis was finalized by the DS Performance sports division, but for the presidential crossover the sports upgrade was probably inappropriate.

Macron made his first public appearance in the new car on July 14, Bastille Day.

We shall add that the French car industry does not make full-fledged representative cars now, though there is quite decent business sedan DS 9 in the range of the same brand.

New DS 7 2023.

Why they do not give it to Macron, it is not known. We suppose it is connected with the fact, that DS 9 is produced only in China, and considerations of prestige demand from the French president to drive a car assembled in France (DS 7 is assembled in French Mulhouse).

In the future, the French leader may well move to a spectacular hydrogen sedan Machina of the French startup Hopium, its production should start in 2025.

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