Nissan Magnet 2022.

Nissan Magnet 2022.

Nissan Magnet 2022.

Nissan Magnet 2022. Nissan Magnet of 2022 is a completely new, ultra-compact SUV of the Japanese automaker, the price of which is only 550 thousand rubles, in conversion in relation to the exchange rate of the Indian currency.

As it becomes clear, the car is currently presented in the Indian market, where it is one of the cheapest models, surpassing the main competitors — Hyundai Venue and KIA Sonet.

Despite its frankly budgetary status, the Japanese model is offered in four trim levels, and at the buyer’s choice, you can take a version with an atmospheric or turbocharged engine, as well as a variator or manual transmission.

The list of capabilities of the Japanese cross is quite wide and clearly surpasses the equipment of rivals that are more expensive than the Japanese model.

The car has air conditioning, parking sensors, an on-board computer display on the dashboard as standard.

Well, in more expensive versions, the buyer will have access to a leather interior, climate control, multimedia with an 8-inch touchscreen, as well as a digital instrument panel.

Specifications Nissan Magnet 2022.

The 2022 Nissan Magnet has a compact new body that differs significantly from other models of the brand.

First of all, we are talking about the front end, which did not receive a V-shaped radiator grille, but much closer in execution to the representatives of the budget sub-brand Datsun.

Prices for all configurations of the crossover, as already noted, are more than affordable, and the level of their technical characteristics will not be inferior to most competitors.

Photos of the Japanese budget SUV are available in this review.

This model is built on the basis of the CMF-A architecture, which the specialists of the Renault-Nissan concern have created specifically for the emerging markets.

Nissan Magnet 2022.

In terms of the design of the chassis of the car, its developers did not offer any fundamentally new solutions.

At the front, the suspension is based on MacPherson struts, and at the rear, a semi-independent structure is provided, which is provided by a torsion bar.

For the basic versions of Nissan Magnite, the manufacturer has provided rear drum brakes, but in the top-end version, the cross is equipped with disc mechanisms along the entire contour.

Since this SUV was created with an eye on the Indian car market, its length is only 3994 mm. The fact is that on the territory of India, cars, the length of which does not exceed 4 meters, enjoy significant benefits.

The width and height of the cross are 1758 and 1572 mm, respectively. Naturally, with such a compact size, the Nissan Magnite cannot boast an impressive wheelbase of 2500 mm.

But what the manufacturer was really able to surprise is in the level of ground clearance, which for a Japanese car is 205 mm and is comparable to the best representatives from the SUV segment.

The technical indicators of the compact cross are determined only by a single type of motor, with a volume of 1 liter.

Nissan Magnet 2022.

However, for the basic versions, it is presented exclusively in the form of an atmospheric variation, producing 71 horsepower and 96 N * m of torque.

But for the top-end version, the engine is complemented by a turbine, which allows to increase its performance up to 100 «horses», and the thrust indicator increases to 160 N * m.

A 5-speed manual gearbox or a variator is used as a transmission. All modifications of the Japanese SUV-representative are equipped with a mono-drive system with a leading front axle.

Options and prices

Despite its budgetary status, the Japanese cross is offered on the market in four trim levels.

The price for the basic version of the crossover is 550 thousand rubles in terms of the currency of the Russian Federation.

For the next version, under the hood of which the manufacturer installed a turbo engine, the price is significantly higher — about 750 thousand rubles.

The third option will cost the buyer approximately 850 thousand rubles. Its built-in capabilities and equipment level will be close to the maximum, and therefore the difference in price, in comparison with the previous version, reaches 100 thousand.

For the XV version, the manufacturer has provided for the appearance of «fog lights» and running lights with LED matrices, aluminum 16-inch wheel rims, a rear-view camera, which is complemented by dynamic marking stripes, as well as a digital instrument panel, the data from which is displayed on a 7-inch screen.

It must also be said that all the available features from previous versions have been preserved or even improved.

For example, a multimedia system in this case will be able to connect with mobile devices, and will also be able to execute a number of commands given by voice.

At the same time, it is controlled using an 8-inch touchscreen. For the driver’s seat in this version, the ability to adjust the height position is available.

XV Premium
For the 2022 Nissan Magnite in the top-end version of the XV Premium, the buyer will have to pay about 1 million rubles.

Nissan Magnet 2022.


Considering the status and cost of the car, it is not worth relying on the fact that it will be able to provide maximum safety for passengers.

At the same time, the Nissan Magnite is equipped with several airbags, belts, and ISOFIX mounts.

In general, the cross will provide some protection, but it clearly will not reach the maximum possible, which can be indicated by the fact that the car did not take part in crash tests.

Handling and off-road performance

The dynamic capabilities and handling characteristics of the Japanese crossover are not its forte, which is not particularly surprising.

The main problem in operational maneuvering faced by Nissan Magnite owners is the slow transition between gears of the CVT.

Moreover, the solution of such difficulties cannot be influenced by the sports driving mode, which allows you to give the motor responsiveness, but it is not able to change the style of the transmission.

Nissan Magnet 2022.

But the steering system of the crossover is worked out pretty well. The steering wheel of the crossover is moderately heavy, thanks to which the owner of the Nissan Magnite will be able to quickly rebuild in conditions of dense city traffic.

The chassis is quite rigid, but at the same time, it swallows small irregularities imperceptibly, which provides proper comfort for passengers in the car.

The built-in electronic assistants, which are able to keep the car in line with the trajectory, also add to the quality of car control.

As for the off-road capabilities of the model, they are quite contradictory. On the one hand, the crossover has a decent ground clearance, which makes it possible to overcome almost any obstacle on the road.

On the other hand, the cross does not have an all-wheel drive and a reduction gear, and the presence of a variator does not at all imply the possibility of serious slippage and overheating of the box.


As already noted, there are many elements from the Datsun sub-brand in the exterior of the new Nissan Magnite.

So, the SUV from Nissan received a polygonal radiator grille with a metallized finish, which almost completely duplicates the solution previously used in the production of Datsun models.

The headlights of the crossover are narrowed and supplemented by running lights with LED matrices, and an air intake is located in the front bumper, designed to improve the cooling of the main units of the model.

The lower part of the bumper is hidden under a metal guard. The rear of the body looks standard, without any unexpected design decisions.

The aft lights are also filled with LEDs, and the rear bumper covers similar protection to the front. Around the perimeter of the body, the manufacturer installed a plastic body kit, which tried to emphasize the off-road characteristics of the car.

Despite the rather modest interior of the crossover, being inside the «Magnet» does not suggest a sense of budget.

Especially when it comes to the top versions of the SUV. Here we can note the installation of a touchscreen display of the multimedia system, as well as a virtual instrument panel, by analogy with models of a more expensive class.

You can also note the stylish crossover climate control selectors and a button that allows you to start the power unit.

Of course, the Nissan Magnite does not have a spacious interior, especially in the rear. Here, three adult passengers will be completely uncomfortable.

In this regard, the luggage compartment, which is laid down for the Japanese model, has a volume of only 336 liters.

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