Nissan Magnet 2021.

Nissan Magnet 2021.

Nissan Magnet 2021.

Nissan Magnet 2021 — compact and low-cost SUV of the B-SUV concept.
Recently in India, the Japanese held a virtual demonstration of their new ultra-budget subcompact.

The presentation was generous with loud words. Representatives of the company showered with statements about a turning point, an evolutionary leap and everything in this spirit.

At the same time, no live specimen was shown. Only computer graphics.
What’s so special about the Nissan Magnite? Let’s figure it out.

Nissan Magnet 2021.

Technical stuffing

Despite the paucity of information voiced by official representatives, experts have already disassembled the novelty literally to the last screw.

So, it is already clear that B-SUVs will be assembled on a modular CMF-A trolley, which is designed not just for B-SUVs, but for the most ultra-budget options, which Magnet will be.

So the set includes a pair of MacPherson strings and a torsion beam, disc and drum brakes, electric power steering, front-wheel drive and two transmission options — a mechanic or a variator. The latter, as expected, for a surcharge.

In the engine range, a 1.0-liter aspirated gasoline engine with a return of up to 72 hp is predicted. A 95-horsepower turbo engine should be put into an expensive package.

Nissan Magnet 2021.

Competitors and equipment

Today we will slightly change the format and immediately identify the competitors. And here it is not so simple. In fact, the Japanese novelty is really the cheapest among SUVs with adequate dimensions and wheels not 12 inches.

The only worthy competitor is Renault Kwid, which costs 450,000 rubles, but it is not for sale in our market.
For a similar price, Russians can look at the Chevrolet Niva for 602,000 rubles. and Lada Xray for 550,000 rubles. But there is one big, BUT — it concerns the onboard equipment.

The Japanese know about the existence of cheaper cars, therefore, in the price tag they offer, they have invested more equipment, thereby offering the buyer the best option in terms of price and quality.

Naturally, no one announced a complete list with all the trim levels of Nissan Magnite 2021, but they hinted that the car will receive at least 2 airbags, ABS, air conditioning, a glass roof and a full-fledged multimedia complex with an 8-inch touchscreen.

For a second, competitors do not offer all this (except for a surcharge). In principle, such a list is not often found in cars under 800,000 rubles. And this is already a huge plus, because of which the crossover is worth waiting for.

Nissan Magnet 2021.

Body and dimensions

It is not known why Nissan was in such a hurry with the presentation. If in fact, the Japanese did not show anything. The entire display consisted of a computerized body model. Not a word about technology, not a word about the salon. The latter probably still does not exist for nature.

So let’s take a closer look at the body. There is something to say here. Nissan Magnite is the most stylish SUV in the entire B-segment.

No kidding. If you look at the exterior presented in the promo video, you don’t even think that it costs less than X-ray. And if you put a Chevrolet Niva next to it, which will cost 100,000 more, the situation looks comical at all. What is there. Even the Nissan Juke looks cheaper.

I really liked the large chrome grille, narrow stylish optics, daytime LED lights in the form of a boomerang on the bumper, glass roof, wheel rim design (about 17 inches wide), stylish feed, carbon wheel arches with additional plastic protection, side skirts with chrome elements.

True, it is also possible that everything looks beautiful while drawn on a computer, and the «live» copy will be less presentable. But we will find out later. As for the dimensions, there are no exact figures yet. The only thing known is that the length of the subcompact will not exceed four meters.

Nissan Magnet 2021.

Price and start date

Let’s start with the fact that Nissan Magnet is already registered in India and the Russian Federation. While the Japanese are announcing plans to establish production at an Indian plant, it is not clear how they will deal with Russia.

Either the budget SUV will be imported, which will lead to a rise in price due to customs duties, or will establish production within the country at the existing Renault facilities.

The last option is more than likely. But then at the end of 2020, according to Nissan, there is no need to wait for the SUV.
As for the price, as promised, the new product will be radically cheap.

The starting price, which means an atmospheric engine paired with a manual transmission, is around 500,000 rubles. Looking forward to 2021.

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