Nissan Note Autech and 4WD 2021.

Nissan Note Autech and 4WD 2021.

Nissan Note Autech and 4WD 2021.

Nissan Note Autech and 4WD 2021. The hatchback has been replenished with new modifications of the Nissan Note Autech and 4WD.

Today the company Nissan online presented the all-wheel drive version of the third hatchback Nissan Note, which has a separate electric motor (68 hp 100 Nm) on the rear axle.

The output of the electric motor on the front axle is 116 hp and 280 Nm. In addition to Note 4WD, the Japanese also showed a new Note modification under the luxury sub-brand Autech.

Nissan Note Autech and 4WD 2021.

The Nissan Note Autech model is built on the rich X configuration and can be either front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

The front-wheel drive version is priced at 2,504,700 yen (1.82 million rubles), and the all-wheel drive version at 2,763,200 yen (2.01 million rubles).

Nissan Note Autech and 4WD 2021.

Note Autech differs from the usual hatchback exterior and interior decoration, and the car is also available in eight color combinations of body enamel.

Of these, Aurora Flare Blue Pearl or Pure White Pearl combined with a Super Black roof, plus a monochrome Midnight Black, which are only available for Autech.

The more expensive hatchback is adorned at the front with a special radiator grille with a shiny dot pattern, blue LED lights in the bumpers, original wheels and a sporty silver body kit at the bottom of the body.

Nissan Note Autech and 4WD 2021.

The Nissan Autotech salon is decorated in black and blue tones, the seats are upholstered in leatherette with a wavy pattern, and on the front panel there is a dark gray sitan (rosewood) decorative insert, but the manufacturer did not specify whether it is real or plastic with a wood pattern.

It only remains to be recalled that the Note is a serial-type hybrid hatchback with an e-Power setup.

The naturally aspirated 1.2-liter internal combustion engine (82 hp and 103 Nm) is used to rotate the generator to charge the battery, while the car itself is powered by electric motors.

In the all-wheel drive version of the hybrid, an electronic control system for electric all-wheel drive was used, tested on the Leaf and further developed in the Ariya crossover.

Nissan Note Autech and 4WD 2021.

The 4WD model is offered in several trim levels:

S FOUR (2,288,000 yen, 1.66 million rubles);

X FOUR (2,445,300, 1.77 million rubles) or a version with a rotating passenger seat, making it easier to board / disembark for 2,544,300 yen (1.85 million rubles).

Also, the five-door is equipped with a system that monitors the optimal distribution of thrust along the axles and controls energy recovery by each of the electric motors during deceleration, thereby increasing the stability of the car’s behavior on slippery surfaces and the overall efficiency of the power plant.

The all-wheel-drive version, according to the manufacturer, uses a rear electric motor not only when starting or hard braking, but also helps the hatchback when driving on snow and ice.

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