Nissan Juke 2022.

Nissan Juke 2022.

Nissan Juke 2022.

Nissan Juke 2022: multi-profile crossover with new layout and design solutions.
The early Juke series of Nissan compact crossovers enjoyed moderate demand due to a number of poor design and layout decisions.

Critics were taken into account in the process of modernizing the new version — Nissan Juke 2022.

According to experts, in its price segment, the new model in terms of appearance, comfort level, as well as the functionality of electronic and technical equipment is identical to the same type of Asian and European counterparts.

The novelty belongs to the category of budget cars, nevertheless, its potential is designed for successful and durable operation.

The Nissan Beetle of 2022 is adapted to the needs of motorists of different age categories.

The asset of the new version of a practical, affordable and very comfortable compact crossover:

• creatively modified body design;

• branded salon interior;

• improved traction and consumption characteristics of ICE components.


Nissan Juke 2022.

To a greater extent, the restyling affected the renewal of the front side of the case. Looks great on the photo:

• high-gloss black windshield surround and dynamic wave-shaped hood sidewalls;

• chrome-plated double massive semi-perimeter of coarse-mesh radiator lining;

• boomerangs of running lights and round headlights with xenon or LED fittings.

The lower part of the short front end includes a bumper with a registration plate, a set of fog lights integrated into the diffusers and a decorative grille of the lower ventilation duct integrated into the body kit.

The expressiveness of the decorative chrome plating is effectively combined with the aerodynamic design of numerous elements of the stepped relief.

Side view Nissan Juke 2022 demonstrates:

• flat angle of inclination of the black roof and compact format of side windows;

• wedge-shaped mirrors;

• wave reliefs and a lower edge of the body protected by a plastic skirt.

Nissan Juke 2022.

The entourage of the sidewalls is successfully complemented by the exclusive design of aluminum off-road wheels.

When viewed from the rear, the new body of the compact cross attracts increased attention with the sharp edge of the spoiler lip equipped with additional illumination, the semi-oval rear window configuration and the proprietary graphics of multifunctional lights.

The Nissan Beetle of the 2022 model is easily identified by the modified deep reliefs of the tailgate, as well as by the design of the figured body kit equipped with fog lamps and a protective panel. The exhaust pipe located under the bottom of the trunk is not visible.


The budget status of the new generation crossover gives out a list of interior trim materials. The range includes several options for fabric and imitation leather, decorated plastic and polished aluminum.

Nissan Juke 2022.

The layout features of the front panel include a sporty design of a multifunctional multifunction steering wheel, high information content of a standard computer monitor integrated into the dashboard and a three-tier center console.

Its upper part is occupied by the medium format diagonal of the media-command display, in the center there is a set of round ventilation ducts, on the lower floor there is a setting panel for several standard options.

The front part of the tunnel is designed in the form of a well for small luggage, there is a technical sector with a transmission joystick, cup holders and a soft armrest, which is convenient for long trips, and at the same time serves as a cover for the refrigerator compartment.

According to experts, the working functionality of technical and electronic equipment is identical to European counterparts of a higher class.

Already in the standard configuration, the new version will receive the modern characteristics of a regular media complex, compatibility with external gadgets operating on different digital formats, and ports for charging smartphones.

Perfectly profiled pilot seats offer lumbar-lateral support details, multiple adjustment points and a heating circuit. The service of the three second-row seats is more modest. Available only with a backrest tilt and a folding armrest.

The 422-liter luggage compartment of the Nissan Beetle 2022 compact cross, modernized in many respects, after a simple transformation of the rear seats, can take a load of up to 1088 liters.

Nissan Juke 2022.


Edited in nominal terms 4210 x 1800 and 1595 mm, the external dimensions of the crossover determine its classification in the compact car segment.

The upgrade affected the lengthening of the center base to 2636 mm, the increase in ground clearance to 195 mm, the improvement of the operating parameters of the combined post-torsion bar suspension and safety systems.

• The power unit consists of a turbocharged liter «triplet» with an output of 177 hp / 200 Nm, working in tandem with a 6-speed manual or 7-range automatic DCT series.

• The test drive confirmed the time to set the first «hundred parts» of 10.4 seconds and the upper maximum speed of 180 km / h. The more than moderate off-road potential was especially noted for a city car.

Options and prices

In the external market, the new Nissan Beetle 2022 model year will be offered in basic and technically advanced top-end modifications.

In the domestic currency equivalent, the price of a new model assortment will be formed in the range of 1.4-1.6 million rubles.


At the height of the global crossover boom, the list of real rivals is expanding every year.

Models of the same type in purpose and performance apply for the status of competitors: Mazda CX-30, Renault Capture, Skoda Kodiaq, Hyundai Creta and Citroen C4 and Buick Envision.

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