Picasso PS-01 2023.

Picasso PS-01 2023.

Picasso PS-01 2023.

Swiss company Picasso Automotive announced last winter that it is working on its first supercar PS-01 2023.

The two-door Picasso PS-01 will be unveiled on June 8.

Swiss company Picasso Automotive will unveil the PS-01 supercar at the Top Marques summer show in Monaco.

They call it the first model of its kind built in Switzerland and «the world’s most ultimatum carbon-fiber car.»

The supercar will get a twin-turbo V6 engine, a Sadev gearbox, and adjustable Öhlins shock absorbers.

And its sophisticated aerodynamic «plumage» will be able to generate a downforce equivalent to 960 kilograms.

And today the brand announced that already on June 8 their car, which they themselves call «the most amazing supercar made of carbon fiber,» will be presented to the world.

Picasso PS-01 2023.

The Picasso PS-01 has been in the works for several years, but details about the car are still scarce.

It will be made almost entirely of carbon fiber, with the company promising to use the longest single piece of composite ever used in a car — 3.2 meters.

The monocoque and rear sub-frame, which will also be made of carbon fiber, together weigh 180 kg (monocoque and external panels of the GMA T.50 — 150 kg).

Suspension elements are milled on CNC machines and have empty voids in unloaded areas to reduce weight.

Picasso PS-01 2023.

In summer all characteristics and equipment of the model, as well as the cost will be announced.

It is rumored that the supercar will weigh less than 1,000 pounds due to the fact that a lot of body and interior elements are made of lightweight materials.

In addition, the improved aerodynamic capabilities will make more downforce, and this will help when driving the car at high speeds.

Picasso Automotives say that speed and acceleration are the main qualities of the model.

Picasso PS-01 2023.

It will be able to exhibit them on race tracks and on ordinary roads for the driver to get the most out of the driving experience.

Nothing is known about the engine, but last year the brand said that it will use a motor from one of the best Italian cars.

Those words certainly make you wonder. The production model, however, will use a revised transmission.

There is no information about it either, but it is known that it will combine power and performance.

It is known that Swiss people develop their car together with other companies.

Picasso PS-01 2023.

Picasso Automotive has a number of renowned component manufacturers as partners.

For example, the gearbox is designed by French Sadev, shock absorbers — Öhlins.

The seats will be provided by Sabelt, and brakes with four-piston calipers — by Brembo. The engine is Italian.

Picasso’s website says it’s a twin-turbocharged V6 with 660 horsepower, running on synthetic fuel.

The PS-01 will weigh 980 kilograms, and it will have nearly the same downforce at top speed.

As a result, the supercar will get seats, transmission, brakes and suspension from those brands that are now developing these components for the PS-01.

The supercar will look more like an LMP-class racing prototype, so aesthetics are a secondary consideration here.

Interestingly, the startup Pure H, which presented a luxury supercar project at Grand Basel in 2018, had the exact opposite idea.

The concept of the two-door was based on beauty rather than technological superiority.

This was to be expressed in design, proportions, an overall harmony of forms, as well as a special approach to the choice of materials.

Unfortunately, the Pure H project did not receive the necessary support, and since then it has not been mentioned again.

It is also known that this project will be invested and there are already the first pre-orders for the upcoming supercar.

It will be interesting to see what the result will be and whether the model justifies its long development.


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