Rolls-Royce Spectre 2023.

Rolls-Royce Spectre 2023.

Rolls-Royce Spectre 2023.

Rolls-Royce Spectre 2023 will be the first production electric coupe of the British brand.

Rolls-Royce has announced that the Spectre will be the brand’s first full electric car and the name translates to «ghost» in French.

The first photos of the future novelty have already been published and give a certain idea of its design.

To all appearances, the car will resemble the present Wraith.

Electric Rolls-Royce Spectre has similar two-door body of fastback type and counter-opening doors.

In general, for a model of the British brand «electric» got pretty standard look with a branded grille.

The Spectrum is developed on the basis of the Architecture of Luxury chassis.

It is a spatial frame with aluminum body panels, which is familiar from the current Cullinan, Ghost and Phantom models.

But there’s almost no information about the technical «stuffing» of the car.

Rolls-Royce Spectre 2023.

According to rumors, it has a two-motor setup, and the latter is largely unified with the electric cars of the BMW i family, namely the BMW iX crossover and the i7 sedan, which is under development.

The electric motors are supposedly powered by a 100 kWh traction battery. The electric car will be able to drive more than 500 kilometers without recharging.

The British are reporting that they already have a few working prototypes, which will soon go for tests in different climatic zones.

In total, the test cars will have to drive about 2.5 million kilometers, the equivalent of 400 years of operation.

This will be the most difficult test in the history of the RR brand.

Rolls-Royce Spectre 2023.

The first electric Rolls-Royce will be on sale only by the end of 2023, and by the end of this decade, the British brand plans to completely abandon diesel-powered cars, switching the entire line of models for electric propulsion.

This week fresh spy photos of the new British coupe appeared in the Network. Using them, we decided to imagine how the car will look.

According to the available photos of camouflaged samples, there is an impression that the novelty is very similar to the current model Wraith — a four-seat coupe, first presented in 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show and made on the basis of the Ghost sedan.

In 2016, it received a restyling, and since then almost 6 years have passed, that is, the need for a new generation is long overdue.

Rolls-Royce Spectre 2023.

The hero of this article, which will receive a new name Spectre, just should become the successor of Wraith, though not absolutely direct because of the peculiarities in terms of technology, about which we will tell a little bit below.

As for the appearance, one of the most unusual features of the novelty will be «double-deck» headlights.

True, they will not strongly catch the eye, as in some other models, due to the simple shape and close proximity to each other.

Above, in all likelihood, will be located narrow LED running lights, and below — the main units of low and high beam (by the way, the current Wraith coupe all done the opposite).

The radiator grille will become wider, the bumper will get a little more simple and laconic design.

Rolls-Royce Spectre 2023.

On the side, it should be noted chamfering, extending from the front wing through the door handles until the lights. Thus, the shape of the sides will become a little more complex.

At the back, new headlights, reminiscent of the next-generation Ghost sedan, and a redesigned trunk lid, which may lose a wide chrome plate.

We will also pay attention to the massive sills and the lower part of the rear bumper with a very complex shape.

The new Spectre coupe will be electric, and it’s built on a platform called Architecture of Luxury, which is already used by the new Ghost sedan and Cullinan crossover.

According to available information, the power plant will be similar to BMW’s flagship electric crossover iX M60, which was unveiled earlier this year.

It has two electric motors (one on each axle), with 258 hp in the front and 489 hp in the rear.

The cumulative output of the system is 619 hp, 1015 Nm of torque. Perhaps the British coupe will have slightly different characteristics.

Its premiere is expected next year.

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