Saab GT 2022.

Saab GT 2022.

Saab GT 2022.

The new Saab GT was shown in the photo for the first time. Who is planning to revive the legendary Swedish brand?

The Swedish company Saab long ago ceased to exist, but even now the cars of this brand has a lot of fans, who sincerely hope that the bankrupt company will be revived.

One of these admirers of Saab and at the same time an independent designer from Azerbaijan, decided to show how Saab GT could look like nowadays.

The Saab GT shown on the rendering is a two-door car with an elongated hood and a four-seat interior.

At the front of the car you can see a very thin, LED headlights, combined with a narrow grille, a massive bumper, as well as small air intakes on it.

Meanwhile, the front fenders are in the style of the 2006 Saab Aero X concept and are positioned just above the hood.

The front pillars of the model are painted black, thus creating a continuous connection between the windshield and the side windows and it looks very similar to the original models from Saab.

The side profile highlights the large alloy wheels, as well as recesses behind the front fenders that are designed to redirect airflow along the body, thereby improving the model’s aerodynamics.

Saab GT 2022.

Given the fact that the car shown in the rendering is just a figment of the imagination of an independent designer, there is not much information about its mechanical part.

The only thing the author of the rendering said is that the model is conceived as an all-electric specimen.

Saab GT 2022.

At the same time, this car could be built on a special platform supporting 4 electric motors, all-wheel drive system and a large battery located in the floor of the Saab GT, it will provide an impressive range in all-electric mode.

The first renders of the new electric Saab GT EV have been published online.

Saab GT 2022.

An independent designer from Azerbaijan has published renders of an all-electric grand tourer from Saab.

The Swedish company Saab has long since left the global market. At the moment the brand belongs to a Chinese company NEVS, under the name of which are made electric cars in the body of the sedan Saab 9-3 for the domestic market.

Thus, there is nothing remarkable in the model range of the company, but, apparently, its ideas live on, and fans dream of seeing new cars from the once popular brand.

Independent designer from Azerbaijan Jahangir Gahramanov tried to imagine how a modern car Saab with an electric power plant could look like.

Saab GT 2022.

The GT luxury class was chosen as the class of the car. Thus, we were presented with a two-door coupe with a 2+2 seating arrangement, the design of which resembles one of the latest concepts of the brand — Saab Aero X Concept.

Certainly, as an homage to trends, the model has received thin LED headlights, aerodynamic form of a body and huge wheel disks.

Anyway, but the renders show the car with recognizable Saab features.

The coloring of the body is interesting here — it is two-tone, with only the rear of the car painted in a contrasting color.

As it was the author’s own wish to draw renders of Saab GT EV, there is no data about the alleged power plant, range and level of autopilot.

Continuing the designer’s fantasies, we’d like to think that the model would have at least two electric motors with a total output of at least 500 hp and a high-capacity battery with a range of more than 600 kilometers.

In addition, such an electric car should be equipped with various electronic assistants.

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