Skoda Kodiaq Style 2022.

Skoda Kodiaq Style 2022.

Skoda Kodiaq Style 2022.

Skoda Kodiaq Style 2022. The Czech company Skoda has long announced three main points of the program for updating the model range in 2021-2022: the line should be replenished with an electric SUV Enyaq, Fabia will change the generation, and the Skoda Kodiaq 2022 model year will survive its first restyling.

Work on the modernization of the crossover was carried out all last year, and today a full presentation of the new model took place.

The car received an updated appearance, the radiator grille was enlarged, and the optics became narrower, which gave an aggressive appearance.

Also, the interior has undergone some updates, which has a new two-spoke steering wheel, seats and a media system.

The manufacturer also announced updates for the «charged» modification of the Kodiaq RS: they decided to change the engine — diesel to gasoline, thereby adding 5 «horses» to the car, but seriously losing torque (370 Nm instead of 500 Nm).

Restyling review

Skoda Kodiaq Style 2022.

After 5 years of production and more than 600 thousand cars sold, the Kodiaq model has come to a natural stage of homologation.

The Czech company presented its results in the form of a press release, from which the nuances of the facelift and new changes in the interior equipment became known.

The concept of the 2022 Skoda Kodiak mid-size crossover remains the same, as does the Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform — the same as on the current VW Tiguan.

The improvements that have appeared cannot be called serious, rather, the Czechs simply refreshed their crossover at the end of a 5-year cadence, as required by the unspoken standards of the modern automotive industry.

Skoda Kodiaq Style 2022.

At the same time, they tried to «check in» in all areas: exterior, interior, equipment; thus justifying the price increase.

It is expected that wherever the Kodiaq is currently assembled — in the Czech Republic, India, China and Russia — the updated model will sell significantly more expensive.

Body Skoda Kodiaq Style 2022.

Cosmetic changes in the appearance of the Czech Skoda Kodiaq in 2022 did not become global, but they can be immediately noticed.

Slightly modified hood, more expressive vertical elements in the «figure» of the false radiator grille, slightly reduced headlights, new aluminum decor on the bumpers, a modified rear spoiler — the developers emphasize that some of the changes were dictated by the desire to improve the aerodynamics of the body, which, in its turn, allows you to save fuel, i.e. reduce CO2 emissions.

To solve this problem, the engineers even worked on the design of the wheel rims, which in their new design also contribute to the reduction of drag.

Skoda Kodiaq Style 2022.

And yet, a more weighty and visible refinement in the exterior of the Kodiak can be called the appearance of LED Matrix headlights, which were provided for this model for the first time in its history.


The main point of modernization of the Skoda Kodiak’s interior in 2022 is new, more ergonomic seats, which can receive expensive leather upholstery and electric drives for adjustments.

In some trim levels, the seats will be covered with Eco covers made from recycled materials, which, again, is made in accordance with the recommended European standards. As for digital displays, the 10.25-inch «tidy» Virtual Cockpit will remain a paid option.

A new 10-speaker Canton audio system (previously 8) will also be offered for a surcharge. The central display — in the «base» will remain 8-inches, and in expensive configurations, its diagonal will increase to 9.2 inches. Another «new thing» for the Czech Kodiak’s interior is the new LED lighting.

Skoda Kodiaq Style 2022.

Technical stuffing

The Skoda Kodiaq 2022 model year will be equipped with a 1.5-liter TSI engine with 147 hp. with., as well as diesel engines 2.0 TDI with a capacity of 147 and 197 liters. from.

The gas engine relies on a six-speed «mechanics» and front-wheel drive, the diesel engine — a seven-speed DSG transmission.

Together with the 197-horsepower unit, four-wheel drive is also available.

And again, on the environment: both versions of the diesel engines were once again redesigned, and this time the engineers were able to reduce NOx emissions by up to 80% — thanks to the new dual-dose exhaust gas cleaning system.

The “charged” version of the RS

Sports modification — RS. The manufacturer honestly modified not only the body and interior design, but also the chassis and installed a powerful engine: 2.0 TSi 245 hp.

Another engine — a 2.0-liter 188-horsepower TSI — will be installed on the «sports» modification of the RS.

This is the same engine that the Octavia RS gets, and the choice in its favor was dictated primarily by environmental reasons, that is, due to the excessively «dirty» exhaust of the old BiTDI.

In addition, the petrol TSI was 60 kilograms lighter. By the way, the updated seven-speed DSG “box” has also slightly «lost weight» — here the savings amounted to another 5.2 kg.

Skoda Kodiaq: when will the restyling be released in Russia?

The updated Kodiaq will go on sale this coming July. The list of available configurations for each sales market will remain different. In Russia, these are Active, Ambition, Style, Scout, SportLine and Laurin & Klement.

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