Suzuki Ignis Hybrid MV 2021.

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid MV 2021.

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid MV 2021.

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid MV 2021. Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki Motor on September 7 presented modernized versions of hatchback Suzuki Ignis at Japanese car market.

The compact hatchback Suzuki Ignis has received an additional version, which is planned to be launched on the domestic car market.

Thus, one more variation — Hybrid MV — will be added to previously presented modifications Hybrid MG and Hybrid MF.

In addition to previously presented versions with hybrid powertrains Suzuki Ignis Hybrid MG and Hybrid MF, another modification — Hybrid MV has been released.

Developers have put it on virtual variator gear shifters. The model received LED fog lights in the front and rear of the car.

Plus, the Hybrid MG version got non-contact access with one-touch engine start, as well as climate control.

The starting variant of the Hybrid MF assumes an eco-leather seat trim. At the same time, the Hybrid MX and Hybrid MZ versions were discontinued.

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid MV 2021.

After restyling Ignis has received a safety option, which analyzes the situation on the road. It recognizes acceleration of the car when the accelerator pedal is wrongly pressed instead of the brake.

Under the hood is the former petrol unit Dualjet with a working volume of 1.2 liters with an output of 91 hp and starter-generator of 2.3 kW, charging the lithium-ion battery during braking and start-stop system control.

It also helps the engine during acceleration. The starting price of Ignis is 1 million 600 thousand 500 yen, or 1 million 65 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate.

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid MV 2021.

Let’s note that foreign car Ignis of the second generation has been produced for six years.

If we talk about the main features that have been added for the new set of Japanese compact hatch, they include paddle paddles that allow you to manually control gear shifting transmission, as well as front and rear fog lights with LED lamps.

In addition, the developer has partially tweaked the capabilities of the other two packages. The Hybrid MG is now equipped with keyless entry and an engine start button.

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid MV 2021.

Climate control is also offered for this version. Hybrid MF will have a leather interior.

But earlier available modifications MX and MZ are removed from the list. A system analyzing acceleration and road situation is offered for all versions of updated Suzuki Ignis.

In case of possible danger it performs automatic braking or does not allow the car to gain speed.

Power capabilities of the compact hatchback have not changed.

Suzuki Ignis Hybrid MV 2021.

As before, the car is equipped with a unit with a capacity of 1.2 liters and a performance index of 91 hp.

Its functionality includes recharging of lithium-ion battery, as well as assistance to the main engine during acceleration.

The price for the new version of Suzuki Ignis is equivalent to 1.065 million rubles.

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