Suzuki Swift 2024.

Suzuki Swift 2024.

Suzuki Swift 2024.

New Suzuki Swift: first photos before the world premiere.

The change of generations will not bring radical changes to the Japanese hatchback either in design or technology, and India has been and will remain the main market for it.

The new generation will be the fourth for Swift in its current form factor and at least the seventh, if we follow the chronology from the original Japanese hatchback, developed in the early 80s of the last century.

The current form factor means a rounded hatchback with blackened A-pillars — in this form the Swift debuted in 2004 and entered the Indian market in 2005 under the Maruti Suzuki brand.

In India, the locally assembled Maruti Suzuki Swift is now an absolute bestseller with 141,014 units sold between January and August this year. (+17.5% compared to sales for the same period in 2022).

For comparison, let’s say that in its native Japan, Swift sold 18,215 units in the first eight months of this year. (+5%), in Europe — 27,713 units. (+37%).

The current conventionally third generation of Swift was presented at the end of 2016; its main feature was the black sections in the rear pillars, creating the effect of a floating roof.

Suzuki Swift 2024.

In the new generation, as can be judged from the first photographs, the entire top of the car above the waist line is filled with black.

The front end has become more rounded, this roundness is emphasized by a new spade-shaped hood and a more elegant radiator grille, into the frame of which a radar is integrated.

The stern received a more prominent bumper and new lights with C-shaped LED sections.

Suzuki Swift 2024.

In profile, the new Swift is most easily identified by the waist stamping below the sill line — there was no such stamping before.

The interior of the “fourth” Swift, by the standards of 2023, looks frankly old-fashioned: the classic instrument panel with arrow dials and a separate microclimate unit with physical keys are preserved.

The multimedia system screen has moved upward and is now not embedded in the center console, but seems to float above it in a thick black glossy frame.

The automatic transmission selector is a good old high lever in a leather case on the central tunnel.

Suzuki Swift 2024.

The equipment includes modern electronic driver assistants, including a fatigue monitoring system, an automatic emergency braking system and an automatic headlight switch from high to low.

There are no details about the technology yet, but you shouldn’t expect anything new here either: gasoline and gas engines will remain, except that they will be supplemented with a mild hybrid make-up in some markets so that the exhaust is cleaner and fuel consumption is lower.

Suzuki Swift 2024.

The premiere of the new Swift will take place at the Tokyo Motor Show, which will be held from October 25 to November 5 this year.

All the details about the new generation of the hatchback will most likely not be revealed in Tokyo, because it will debut there as a concept, and the production car is expected no earlier than 2024.


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