Updated SsangYong Stavic 2019.

Updated SsangYong Stavic 2019.

This minivan in many countries is known as Rodius. Fifteen years ago, during his debut, he made a real sensation of its democratic nature regarding the availability of a variety of modifications. And also the configuration of the cabin.

But, unfortunately, then he could not withstand competition in the market. As a result, it ceased to be updated in 2010. It is difficult to judge how Ken Greenley’s design at that time achieved his dream. Make a car that resembles a real luxury yacht.

He, subjectively, was somewhat of an amateur. And do not say that he was making a very revolutionary and spectacular impression.

Nevertheless, the popularity of the domestic market is the brainchild of the Korean car industry enjoyed. And considerable. Therefore, it is not surprising that in 2013 they decided to make it a fundamental restart. Submitted to the public the second generation.

Unfortunately, she too did not justify her hopes. Perfect inside and quite ordinary, even — gray, outside. This was the verdict of both buyers and critics.

But, the Seoul Construction Bureau is not discouraged. With the inherent persistence and consistency of Asians, he does not lose faith in the fact that the next reincarnation of the hyper-minivan will nevertheless be bought out like hot pies.

To the year marking the end of the decade, the company has prepared a quality second-generation restyling. It was destined to correct the main drawback of the model, as such, — appearance. Does this have a chance to come true? Let’s try to think together …

Renewal of appearance and design

Officially presented novelty, we can say, introduced us to a completely different minivan. However, even less like a yacht, as if he did not want Ken Greenlee. But who has become much nicer, more accurate and more sophisticated, or something …

Indeed, the massive «nose» so balances the composition in general, that a huge body, in fact, you do not notice. And if you do not cling to the perspective, you start to think that in front of you is just a very stylish city SUV.

Compared with the predecessor, everything has changed. From the bumpers and radiator grille, to the shape of the hood and lighting. The latter, by the way, completely «transplanted» to the LED rails.

In addition, now eighteen-inch discs will become the standard. And it’s great! Since before the car looked very awkward because of too miniature wheels. In addition, their appearance has completely changed.

But the rear of the car in 2019 remained virtually the same. Although, the design of this part in its last generation was not so bad. The original rear door extrusion is demonstrated. Fit into the overall style of the lights. Although here from the side view also changed due to a completely different shape of the wings.

In short, there is a vigorous unification with the current flagship SsangYong Rexton on the same integrated frame in the database. But, at the same time, some features have been preserved. They emphasize belonging to a completely different form factor. In addition, it is very important to note that a rather poor earlier range of color options for a five-meter body. Now has significantly expanded.

Salon and equipment SsangYong Stavic

What to say car electronics in recent years is progressing at an absolutely abnormal pace. Therefore, to be «in the stream», manufacturers have to get out of the skin. They feed their offers with ever new solutions and opportunities.

It was not possible, of course, to avoid this and SsangYong Stavic. In 2019, she will make friends with both android, and Apple gadgets. Will receive voice control and Wi-Fi. Yes, and in general, all multimedia will now belong to a completely new generation. Like the entire list of road assistants. And also the components of the security system, including the famous nine airbags.

As for the organization of the salon, the model is on the home market. As before, it is available not only in 9 or 11 local three-row performance. But also in the seven-seat, equipped with a high roof (20 cm above their products). It is called quite eloquently — «Chateau».

And it is this modification that continues to be the top one. With all its panoramic glazing, leather trim, mini-bar, entertainment complex, circular video review and electronic handbrake.

Which list of offers will reach the export markets. And with what features this time, is still unknown.

Specifications of the car

As for the motor, the driving model is still the same 2.2-liter diesel for 178 hp, and otherwise we promise the following:

seven-speed automatic (for gasoline engine options — five-band);
full / rear wheel drive;
off-road transmission settings;
a choice for export markets will be a two-liter diesel for 155hp. or the six-cylinder version on gasoline at 220hp.

In this updated layout MPV pen SsangYong and was presented at the latest Geneva Motor Show. And although at home, he already received a price tag of 28.38 million won, when it becomes available to our domestic buyer, it is not yet clear.

Although it is obvious that the favorite with many practical option with an upper baggage trunk, protective pads on the body and other sleds will remain in the list of offers (in the home market it is called Outdoor). A range of modifications will be offered at prices ranging from $ 26,500 to $ 38,000, depending on the modification.


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