Updated BMW M2 Gran Coupe 2019.

Updated BMW M2 Gran Coupe 2019.

The series, to which this model belongs, was launched with the aim of supporting the sports direction. In fact, opened for BMW racing tracks. The peak of his popularity came in the 60-70s of the last century. True, the Bavarians later decided not to close this charismatic niche. Few transformed it, leaving the agility and dynamics. But they made it more popular, if I may say so.

This is how the second series of sports coupes came into being. Until recently, some conservatism in design and a very tough choice of the target audience was demonstrated.

Well avtopublika glad news. The plans of the design office to somewhat get off this well-groomed rut. Add M2 modifications and significantly expand its capabilities.

Now this is not just a high-speed status «dvuhdverka.» So loved by young people — the M2 Gran Coupe is ready to offer its services and as a spectacular everyday version. Even satisfy the needs of the family sector. In this case, of course, without sacrificing their impressive characteristics in favor of practicality.

Updated BMW M2 Gran Coupe 2019.

Collect a novelty plan in the same place as the base M2. At the concern’s Leipzig plant. Her debut is scheduled for 2019. True, the exact dates and official releases yet. It is possible that this year one of the international salons will finally acquaint us with this masterpiece of German avtomysli.

Updated BMW M2 Gran Coupe 2019.

Revision of the chassis of a charged coupe in the direction albeit small, but increasing in all directions. It is known that the wheelbase, for example, will be somewhere between 2.69 m of the old coupe and 2.81 m of the updated “troika”. Allows you to now place the motor lengthwise. The body can flaunt all four doors, instead of the previous two.

This concept will be borrowed from the already well-experienced post-styling “sixes” and “fours”. It is not excluded that the fifth door will appear in the best traditions of the liftback. But this information is only at the level of rumors. No spy photos of confirmation, no omission of insiders has not yet followed.

In addition, specifically on the specifics of this model, there are some doubts. That the fifth door will significantly reduce the rigidity of the body. This is unacceptable for a truly powerful and relatively large machine.

Updated BMW M2 Gran Coupe 2019.

Updated BMW M2 Gran Coupe 2019.

But, while the pendulum of the Bavarians ranges from a reliable sedan to a more commercially viable and popular liftback. The design style for him has already chosen unambiguous. It is distinguished from the basic version by a more elevated roof. Also single pipe exhaust pipe instead of double.

The sloping, slightly understated hood, which passes into the line of narrow double front headlights and the corporate design of the false radiator grille, integrates the original, very modern shape of the bumper. It has an interesting geometry of large air intakes, between which are located the cells of a long and narrow radiator grille.

Muscular, but not sharp in shape, stamped side doors are underlined by a large wheel diameter and a small stylized footboard. It combines in its materials with a miniature front spoiler under the bumper. The appearance is complemented by very large taillights of the new design and unusual outlines of the integrated rear bumper.

Updated BMW M2 Gran Coupe 2019.

Equipment and interior coupe.

The interior solution is unified with future versions of a simple BMW M2 and its modifications in the body of a convertible. Restyling of which is scheduled for 2020. And in it, however, as always, premium materials will be presented in abundance. But in their slightly more relaxed combinations, colors and lines.

On board, like all modern flagships of BMW, there will be a new generation of multimedia and information electronics. Also a lot of a variety of driving assistants, sensors and expensive entertainment systems. Will semi-autonomous driving be introduced by analogy with others? Not yet known.

Updated BMW M2 Gran Coupe 2019.


It does not exclude the appearance at the same time of the upcoming update and a hybrid modification, which will be assigned the marking 225e. It will function both from an electric motor and from a 1.5-liter engine on gasoline. And without recharging, it will withstand about 50 km. The placement of the lithium-ion battery in this case is planned in the floor of the trunk.

Otherwise, it is planned to install on both versions of the car:

• engine (six-cylinder, turbocharged) for 3 liters and 370 hp For less top versions, the entire line of diesel and gasoline counterparts from the M2 Coupe will be available.
• a seven or eight-stage robot (the latter is exclusively for plug-in hybrid) for a pair of couplings, or a six-speed mechanics;
• rear-wheel drive (full — in the list of options);
• acceleration to 100 km / h in 4.5 s;
• Maximum speed — 155 mph.

Competition novelty will have to withstand serious. On the tail comes and Mercedes-AMG CLA 45, and Audi RS3. But, the original design and well-established pool of sports fans are Bavarians. It seems that they will help to withstand it with honor.

In addition, colleagues from Stuttgart and Ingolstadt for their counterparts use a more cumbersome transverse arrangement of the motor. What affects both the distribution of weight and dimensional characteristics.

Well, it is obvious that the M2 Gran Coupe is destined to fill the manufacturer’s empty niche in its model range. Find a good compromise between commercial success and popularity with the buyer. But at the same time, do not lose the brand features of the legendary second series.

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