Volkswagen Multiven T7 2022.

Volkswagen Multiven T7 2022.

Volkswagen Multiven T7 2022.

Volkswagen Multiven T7 2022. The new 2022 Volkswagen Multivan is clearly positioned as a passenger van, not going to take away laurels from the Transporter, the California camper or the upcoming electric I.D. Buzz and I.D. Buzz Cargo.

German engineers have tried to create the most comfortable interior space of the car, not forgetting about the external design, which «car drivers» are already calling «flawlessly calibrated.»

Of course, it is not devoid of a bit of originality and corporate identity, but the attention to detail and the quality of the geometry of each body element is really impressive.

Following the profile drawing of the new 2022 Volkswagen Multivan and a sketch of the part of the cabin where the panoramic roof is visible, an animation was presented to the attention of experts and fans, showing a new movable armrest table, which is able to move around the cabin using special rails.

The transformation of the cabin is something that modern passenger vans can and should brag about, and the 2022 German Volkswagen Multivan T7 is ready to become the ancestor of interesting new options in this regard.

By placing the guides exactly in the center of the cabin and installing a movable structure in the form of a box on them, capable of playing the role of an armrest and an additional source of storage for small things, German engineers have achieved real versatility from it.

Such a «trolley» can be placed between the front seats, second or third row seats, becoming a comfortable soft armrest or stand with cup holders.

Volkswagen Multiven T7 2022.

And the presence of two folding side flaps in such a box allows you to organize a fairly large table that is suitable for any purpose: a light snack, work with documents, etc.

The important information that the manufacturer disclosed is the decision to produce only six-seater Volkswagen Multivan T7 2022 cars with separate seats.

In this case, the second row of seats can be rotated 180 degrees, and all the chairs can also move along the rails, which will allow you to independently adjust the distance between the rows, increase the volume of the cargo compartment in the rear, dismantle the seats, etc.

In addition, the developers assure that all the seats will become lightweight, that is, it will be possible to move them and thereby transform the interior without any excessive efforts.


In the photos presented, the new Volkswagen Multiven T7 2022 model year looks compact, but it is not. It has retained its previous dimensions, but has been greatly transformed due to the changed shape of the side glazing.

By the way, inside the car it will be really spacious and light, since one of the options is a large-scale panoramic roof.

Volkswagen Multiven T7 2022.

A streamlined hull is an essential attribute of a road liner, and in the case of the Multivan, it is also a thoroughbred German laconicism in exterior design.

It is also hard to argue with the fact that the new van is perfectly suited to a two-tone body color, which does not look frivolous. It is easy to imagine that in a monochromatic version the car will look quite advantageous and expensive, given the light tinted glass.


The Germans have already told in all the details about the interior of their new Volkswagen Multivan T7 minivan in 2022, slightly surprising the experts with the decision to install seven separate seats.

All of them can be dismantled and moved along the slide, making it possible to change the configuration, and in the center of this whole system on the same rails a special box moves, which is ready to act as an armrest or a convenient table.

They are perfect for a family snack «outdoors» and for working with documentation, that is, they will be useful both in family travel and when transporting VIPs.

The driver’s workplace is also equipped at a high level. At his disposal is a digital dashboard, a large central multimedia screen and a new multifunction steering wheel, and thanks to a new robotic transmission, the front panel has lost its massive central part.

By the way, the elevation of the central tunnel has also disappeared, which made it convenient to move between the two front seats.

Volkswagen Multiven T7 2022.

Technical characteristics and filling

The high-tech Volkswagen Multivan T7 of 2022 remains the same in terms of «technology»: the first modification to enter the European market will be a car with a hybrid engine.

It is reported that the pair, consisting of a gasoline and electric engines, will produce up to 218 liters. with., and in the settings of the driving electronics there will be a purely electric mode.

Simpler versions will appear later — they will get gasoline and diesel turbo engines, but they will all receive a new preselective «robot» in a pair.

Also in the equipment there will be a huge list of electronic assistants, among which there will be an advanced «cruise» performed by the IQ.Drive Travel Assist system. By the way, this system is deservedly called «semi-autopilot».

Also expected to appear complete sets with front and all-wheel drive, and in the future, designated for 2023, the Germans promise to show an all-electric version of the ID Buzz, which will be built on the basis of the new generation T7 car.

Volkswagen Multiven T7 2022.

Another important nuance concerning the new Multiven is the uncontested transmission performed by the DSG preselective «robot».

The decision to abandon the «mechanics» made it possible to save the front console in the car’s interior from the choosing tide, and also to replace the gearshift lever with a small joystick.

There is also a fully electric drive of the parking brake, which together made it possible to make a flat floor between the front seats.


Volkswagen Multiven T7: prices and sales start dates

New prices for the novelty debuting in June have not been announced, but prices for the previous generation T6 start at 4.1 million rubles for the basic version.

How much the new generation car will rise in price — it will be possible to find out during the presentation, at which the schedule of deliveries of new cars to export markets will also be announced.
The appearance of the new T7 in Europe is scheduled for late summer.

The manufacturer still does not name prices, as well as the exact time of entry of the Volkswagen Multiven T7 to export markets. In Russia, the novelty is expected closer to winter and, of course, so far only in versions with classic TDI.

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