Xpeng P7 2021.

Xpeng P7 2021.

Xpeng P7 2021.

Xpeng P7 2021. Many car enthusiasts and experts believe that electric cars are the future. That is why large automakers are actively implementing their developments in this niche of the car market.

Chinese companies do not lag behind the famous brands. In particular, the Xpeng brand last year introduced its answer to Tesla models in the form of a luxury sedan with a spectacular appearance Xpeng P7 2021.

This car can be called a direct competitor for the Model S.

Now the model is sold in China in four basic configurations with a price tag starting at 2,692,000 rubles. The car has several separate modifications.

Features and prices

«Charged» electric sedan Xpeng P7 2021, which is sold in the territory of China in the new body, can boast excellent technical characteristics, regardless of the chosen version.

A total of four configurations are currently available to potential buyers: Standart, Smart, Premium and X-Wings. Car prices range from 2,692,000 to 4,800,000 rubles.

The cost of the model is significantly influenced by the technical equipment, the power part, as well as the design option.

It is worth noting that this vehicle has a spectacular design, which can be appreciated not only by looking at the photo, but also by visual evaluation of the car.

Xpeng P7 2021.

Standart .

At the moment, this is the simplest version of the car with the most affordable price tag of 2,692,000 to 2,985,000 rubles.

Pricing for the model varies due to the different battery capacity. All versions in this configuration are equipped with rear-wheel drive and boast such options as:

Rearview camera with parking zone frames;
A multimedia system with a 14.96-inch screen;
A digital instrument cluster with a 10.25-inch screen;
4-speaker audio system with voice control;
cloth seat upholstery;
panoramic sunroof with power sunroof;
LED headlamp;
electrically controlled exterior mirrors;
multifunction steering wheel;
four-way adjustable steering column;
separate dual-zone climate control;
electronic parking brake;
electric power steering;
power windows front and rear;
rear parking sensors;
18-inch alloy wheels;
LED daytime running lights.

Xpeng P7 2021.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that the equipment of the Hpeng P7 2021 car in the base modification includes many safety systems, as well as options that are responsible for traffic control, including ABS, ESP, EBD, BAS and HAC.


This is the top-of-the-line package for the car today. Its cost depending on the powertrain ranges from 4,296,000 to 4,800,000 rubles.

The model is available in all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive variants and boasts such options as:

built-in navigation system;
quality sound system with 18 speakers;
option of fast charging the car;
automatic mirror folding function when arming;
4 separate USB ports;
ventilation of front seats;
self-dimming rearview mirror;
side parking sensors;
second-generation autopilot.

Xpeng P7 2021.

It is also worth noting that, if desired, the motorist will be able to complete the vehicle in this modification with some additional options.

However, this is possible only for an additional fee, taking into account the preferences of the motorist.

Technical Specifications

In the process of reviewing the car Xpeng P7 2021 can not leave without attention the main characteristics of the model, and, in particular, the power part, represented by two different units.

We are talking in this case about the following electric motors:

A powertrain with 196 kW or 266 horsepower and 390 N*m of torque (70.8 kWh battery);

A twin powertrain with 316 kW or 429 horsepower and 655 N*m of torque (80.9 kWh battery).

A standard power distribution gearbox is used as the transmission. The cars are available in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants with a range of 480 to 706 kilometers. The car boasts the following dimensions:

length — 4 880 mm;
width — 1,896 mm;
height — 1,450 mm;
Wheelbase — 2,998 mm;
ground clearance — 150 mm;
curb weight — 1 920 — 2 060 kg (depending on the modification).

Xpeng P7 2021.

This car also boasts a spacious luggage compartment with 440 liters. It is worth noting that in the basic variants the car is available only with a minimum range and one electric motor.

Design .

What can actually be called the strengths of the electric car is its exterior and interior.

The car turned out to be moderately sporty, partly aggressive and fully consistent with all the new trends, which set the Chinese manufacturers.

Every way you look at this car, you can clearly see the careful approach of designers to their work.

Not only the front of the model looks great, but also the rest of the body elements of the vehicle.

Most of the attention is attracted by the stern with a dedicated solid line of lights, as well as the front end, where some kind of narrowed similarity of the radiator grille with air intake, as well as a thin headlamp.

The exterior of the car is dominated by sharp angles and sharp transitions, which once again emphasizes the sporty mood of the model.

If you pay attention to the interior of the sedan, the absence of traditional components, present in all cars, is striking.

Interior design can be called minimalistic, high-quality and expensive.

During the initial evaluation there is a feeling that there is a lot missing, but such an opinion quickly fades after a thorough acquaintance with the car.

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