Alfa Romeo Giulia GT electric 2021.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT electric 2021.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT electric 2021.

Electric Alfa Romeo was estimated at half a million dollars.

The Italian startup Totem Automobili presented the first copy of the Totem GT Electric electric restomod, which was estimated at $ 510 350, the press service of the manufacturer reported.

Totem Automobili has revealed its vision of the iconic 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA coupe, which is completely harmless to the environment.

According to the creators, only 10% of the components are used from the «donor» Alfa Romeo Giulia, everything else is developed and manufactured from scratch.

For example, the aluminum load-bearing structure is specially designed for the GT Electric. To strengthen the structure, a safety cage is integrated into the interior.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT electric 2021.

Instead of a 4-cylinder petrol engine, the car is driven by a 518-horsepower electric motor, which torque reaches 980 Nm. It is powered by a water-cooled 50.4 kWh traction battery.

The engine is located at the rear of the machine and the space under the hood is used for various electrical components. The power reserve is promised at least 360 km.

According to the creators, the electric coupe will need only 3.2 seconds to accelerate to the first «hundred», and the maximum speed is limited at around 245 km / h.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT electric 2021.

Totem Automobili took the classic forms of the Alfa Romeo Giulia as a basis, but made a modern interpretation of its appearance.

In particular, the car has become wider, and the body panels are made of carbon fiber, including a new radiator lining, into which a quartet of modern LED headlights have been implanted.

The interior looks simple but inviting. A pair of carbon «buckets» received original leather trim. The dashboard is in the style of 60s cars, and all information for the driver is displayed on two small digital round displays in polished aluminum frames.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT electric 2021.

For the sake of style, decorative details from polished aluminum are widely used in the interior, there is a classic «handbrake» and a lever for switching modes of operation of an electric transmission in a retro style with an aluminum knob.

Due to the new-shaped fenders and re-cut rear struts, the restomod turned out to be noticeably wider and lower than the original Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1300/1600 coupe of the early 70s — 1760 (+180) and 1240 (+130) mm, respectively. The length remained at 4080 mm. The wheelbase is 2401 mm.

Recall that the body (95 kg) is baked from carbon fiber, although a composite roof is offered as an option. Doors can be made of composite, steel or aluminum. A roll cage is offered for the latter option. Lighting — LED. Trunk volume — 260 liters.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT electric 2021.

The mass of the battery, hidden in the floor, turned out to be 20 kg less than originally declared — 330 kg. The system retains the immersion cooling of the Xing Miss R electric car. Here the battery packs are in a non-conductive 3M Novec solution.

Recall that engineers have retained only 10% of the original chassis. The rest is an aluminum remake, sharpened for the mass increased to 1270 kg (+340) and the output of the electric motor in 525 hp. and 980 N • m.

It will take 3.4 seconds to accelerate the restomod from standstill to 100 km / h. The top speed is 245 km / h. Note that the extra kilograms of the car owes a battery with a capacity of 50.4 kW • h, providing a power reserve of up to 360 km.

Earlier, the Italians promised 320 km. The coupe is still equipped with a 6.6 kW charger, but Totem says the 22 kW unit is almost ready. It takes about seven hours to fully charge the batteries.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT electric 2021.

Wheels in the style of GTAm are also familiar to us from the March blank. They are fitted with Continental ContiSportContact 5 tires at the front and ContiSportContact 3 at the rear.

Dimension — 205/40 R17 and 245/40 R17, respectively. Optionally — 225/45 R17 and 255/40 R17.

Suspension parameters have not changed. A McPherson awaits customers in front, a multi-link in the back. Bilstein shock absorbers have mechanical adjustments, but for a surcharge, a complex with the possibility of electronic adjustment will appear in the car.

The Brembo GT braking system with four-piston calipers now features 345mm discs on both axles. For a surcharge, the rear-wheel drive GT Electric can be equipped with a GT-R range kit.
2electron has prepared a McFly complex for the project. It includes 13 handcrafted speakers with a volume of up to 125 dB.

The system will simulate the sound of the classic Alpha engine, but if desired, the «voice» will be recreated from scratch, focusing on the wishes of the client.

The CFRP dashboard has changed slightly in six months — a couple of digital wells gained independence and moved upstairs. The media system is stylized as a classic radio. The seats have a carbon fiber base. The steering wheel is from Momo.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT electric 2021.

The car tries in many ways to be like a gasoline sports car. In addition to the sound system, the car has imitation engine braking, drift mode and launch-control function.

Even the gear change has been recreated: the number of steps can be chosen by yourself, and their change takes place automatically or using a lever in the cabin.

Mechanical sensations are designed to complement the vibrations spreading through the Totem. The same goal is pursued by a mechanical handbrake.

First buyers receive their Totem GT Electric in summer. Despite the substantial «price tag» of € 430,000 ($ 510,350), there are already orders for most of the machines that are planned to be manufactured.

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