Alpine A110 R 2023.

Alpine A110 R 2023.

Alpine A110 R 2023.

The extreme Alpine A110 R: the fastest sports car of the French brand.

The Alpine A110 is already a very driving car in its own right, but the experts from the French brand have presented an even more extreme version of the model with the letter «R» in the name.

On the demonstration photos the car has a blue coloring of the body «Racing Mat Blue», familiar from the formula car Alpine F1.

It is equipped with a carbon fiber body kit, due to which the curb weight was kept within 1,082 kg (- 34).

The body kit includes a new hood with two air intakes (2.9 kg), as well as large side «skirts», and they have aerodynamic design here.

At the back there is an antifender, which at speed generates 29 kg of downforce.

One can also note the presence of a wider diffuser with pronounced «fins», which again contributes to increase downforce.

It is interesting that the two-door has no rear window as such — instead of it a carbon panel with several slots is installed, so the visibility to the back of the car is about zero.

The R-version of the model is equipped with carbon fiber wheels, which are 12.5 kg lighter than standard rollers.

Alpine A110 R 2023.

Their design is different for front and rear axles, and they are «shod» in half-slicks Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.

The interior of the car has carbon fiber Sabelt bucket seats with six-point seat belts.

Like most other interior components, they are finished in microfiber.

Alpine A110 R 2023.

The Alpine A110 R 2023 is equipped with the same engine as the «heated» A110 S. It is a 1.8-liter turbo four, which works in conjunction with a seven-band robot and produces 300 hp (340 Nm).

Developers did not forcing the engine, but due to lightened design and improved aerodynamics the novelty still became the fastest road sport car of the French brand.

Alpine A110 R 2023.

It is reported that rear-wheel-drive coupe is able to accelerate from zero to a hundred in 3.9 seconds (- 0.3 seconds compared with A110 S). You can accelerate up to 285 km/h (+ 10).

And also the French have installed a new exhaust system with two large oval nozzles on the R-version of the model.

Alpine A110 R 2023.

It provides the engine a nobler and louder sound. Other technical features of the new R-version include lowered suspension (-10 mm compared with the S-variant), in which design are used more rigid springs and stabilizers.

Orders for A110 R will start in October of the twenty-second, but the French are not in a hurry to make out the price for this two-door.

However, it will probably be higher than the price €72,500 (4.2 million rubles at current exchange rate) that they ask for the A110 S.


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