Audi A8 2023.

Audi A8 2023.

Audi A8 2023.

New 2023 Audi A8: Why is it still better than the latest BMW 7-Series?

Audi A8 2023 is offered in 5 trim levels. Quattro tiptronic is the most affordable of them, it costs 8,051,000 rubles.

The maximum version of the Quattro tiptronic L Business can be purchased for 11,636,000 rubles.

The German sedan is available with either a three-liter engine (249 or 340 hp) or a four-liter engine (with a return of 460 hp).

All power units operate in tandem with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Only all-wheel drive versions of this car are available for sale.

The main competitors of the Audi A8 in the market are the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Options and prices

Audi A8 2023 did not receive a new body and looks minimally different from its predecessor.

The upgraded model has not yet been presented in the Russian Federation. For Russian motorists, 5 vehicle configurations are available: Quattro tiptronic, Quattro tiptronic Advance, Quattro tiptronic Business, Quattro tiptronic L and Quattro tiptronic L Business.

All of them differ in price and technical characteristics. Photos of the sedan can be found in this article.

Quattro tiptronic
The basic equipment of the Audi A8 2023 with a 3.0-liter turbocharged hybrid petrol engine with a maximum output of 249 hp. can be bought for 8,051,000 rubles.

Audi A8 2023.

Quattro tiptronic Advanced
The second complete set of the Audi A8 2023 with a three-liter hybrid engine with a return of 249 hp, the manufacturer estimated at 652,000 rubles more expensive — it costs 8,703,000 rubles.

Quattro tiptronic Business
The «younger» version of this configuration with a three-liter hybrid engine with a return of 249 hp. costs 9,194,000 rubles.

Quattro tiptronic L
This equipment of the Audi A8 2023 with a three-liter hybrid engine with 249 hp. costs 8,890,000 rubles.

Quattro tiptronic L Business
The maximum equipment of this German sedan with a three-liter hybrid engine with 249 hp. costs 9,576,000 rubles.

Audi A8 2023.


The list of power plants of the restyled model has been replenished with a rechargeable hybrid, the output of which has been increased to 462 hp. The Audi A8 engine range consists of the following units:

a three-liter V6 with a return of 340 hp, a 460-hp V8 and a modification of the S8 with a capacity of 571 hp. (all petrol);
diesel three-liter V6 with a return of 286 hp

After the exclusion of the diesel V8 from the line of engines, for lovers of fast driving, there was either a gasoline 460-horsepower V8, which accelerates to a hundred kilometers in 4.4 seconds, or a 571-horsepower S8, which is another 0.6 seconds better.

All installations work in tandem with a hydromechanical automatic transmission. The restyled version of the Audi A8 is equipped with a non-alternative all-wheel drive.

Audi A8 2023.

The parameters of the car body are as follows: from 5190x1945x1473 to 5320x 945×1485 mm. The length of the A8L version is 5190 mm, while the regular version is 5320 mm.

Accordingly, the wheelbase is 2998 and 3128 mm. The turning radius is within reasonable limits — 6.2 meters.

Also, the Audi A8 boasts a large luggage compartment — 505 liters.

Body and interior

In the appearance of the flagship sedan A8 of the new generation, they did not radically change anything. Only the front bumper group differs.

The outlines of the air intakes and radiator grille were smoothed out, the configuration of the headlights also changed (a “step” was added in their lower part).

Already in the database, the car is equipped with matrix headlights. For this model, new design packages are available, such as S-Line or a black exterior, diluted with stylish dark body elements.

Audi A8 2023.

The updated Audi A8 has been on sale in the European market since the end of 2021. In addition to the usual versions, the most “charged” version of the S8 is also available.

As for the interior, it also received only minor changes.

There was a choice of leather upholstery, you can order a cognac shade, which was previously offered only to owners of Audi Exclusive, and Alcantara was replaced by Dinamica microfiber.

Rear passengers can take advantage of the entertainment system, equipped with two 10.1-inch displays.

The car is equipped with top-end acoustics with improved sound. The massage option with 18 air bags will help passengers relax.

The extended version is equipped with a center console with folding tables, 4-zone air conditioning and many other features.

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