Audi Q6 2022-2023.

Audi Q6 2023.

Audi Q6 2022-2023.

Audi Q6 2022-2023 three-row crossover: more powerful and much more expensive than the related VW Teramont.

The new SUV of the premium brand is offered in two design variants, with two turbocharged engines and only all-wheel drive. At the moment, the model is presented only in one market.

The big Audi Q6 crossover was revealed in March in certification photos, followed by teasers and branded interior pictures.

Now, finally, the novelty is fully declassified. We would remind you that the SUV is addressed only to China, there is also a production — the joint venture SAIC Volkswagen is responsible for the production.

The closest relative of the Q6 is familiar to the Russians and the Volkswagen Teramont: both crossovers are based on the «bogie» MQB Evo with a transverse engine and the front wheel drive.

The length of the new Audi model is 5099 mm, which is 47 mm more than the Chinese Teramont, width — 2014 mm (+25 mm compared to the crossover VW), height — 1784 mm (+11 mm).

Audi Q6 2022-2023.

The wheelbase of the cars is the same — 2980 mm. For comparison, the dimensions of global Audi Q7: 5063/1970/1741 mm. But the distance between axles of Q7 is more — 2995 mm.

Audi Q6 got double-deck headlights (rich versions have matrix headlights), rear lights are made in the form of a single plate.

The standard crossover has a radiator grille with twin vertical «strokes», plus abundant chrome decor.

The «sports-inspired» version has «iguettes» on the grille and predominantly black trim. The models are fitted with 19-, 20- or 21-inch wheels.

Audi Q6 2022-2023.

Inside — three displays: a digital «dashboard» (12.3 inches), multimedia touchscreen (10.1 inch) and a touch screen (8.6 inches), responsible for «climate» control.

The crossover is available with six- or seven-seater interior. The chairs are upholstered in perforated leather and have heating, ventilation and massage functions.

The list of equipment also includes a projection display, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping system and other assistants.

The volume of the trunk is 286 liters, with the folded backrests of the third and second rows — 2398 liters.

The new crossover is available with two petrol turbo motors to choose from: the «four» 2.0 series EA888 in two power variants and EA390 V6 2.5 engine.

Audi Q6 2022-2023.

Both motors are from local Teramont and both are combined with a seven-speed robotized transmission with two clutches.

Thus the base engine of the Audi Q6 is forced. Thus, in the 40 TFSI version «turbo four» produces 231 hp and 370 Nm, devotion of the 45 TFSI variant is 265 hp and 400 Nm, whereas the VW Teramont has 186 or 220 hp engine (320 and 350 Nm accordingly).

And the V6 2.5 engine of top Audi Q6 50 TFSI produces the same 299 hp and 500 Nm as the same engine of Teramont.

Audi crossover is offered exclusively with all-wheel drive quattro, though the related VW has front-wheel drive versions.

It is declared that Audi Q6 40 TFSI will gain first «hundred» for 8,6 seconds, Audi Q6 45 TFSI will do this exercise for 7,6 seconds, and top Audi Q6 50 TFSI — for 7,3 seconds.

Audi Q6 2022-2023.

They ask about $74,000 — $96,000 for a new Audi three-row crossover in China.

For comparison, the VW Teramont will cost somewhere between $44,000 and $60,000 there, and the price of the older Audi Q7 starts at the $94,000 mark.

Audi has not announced plans to sell the big Q6 in other markets yet, it is possible that this SUV will remain Chinese exclusive.

However, according to unofficial data, this index will still appear in global brand’s range — it may be assigned to a new electric SUV, which premiere will be in a year or two.


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