Audi SQ5 2021.

Audi SQ5 2021.

Audi SQ5 2021.

Audi SQ5 2021: a premium crossover for motorists of different ages.

The Audi concern has introduced into the design of the new version of the premium crossover Audi SQ5 2021 elements of a sports body design, a powerful economical engine and additional functions in the set of standard options.

In the second generation, the new model of the corporate range demonstrates modified parts of the external linkage, a number of new body layout solutions, and the original design of off-road wheels.

The crossover is focused on the preferences of the youth driver’s contingent; the older generation of motorists will find a lot of interesting and attractive new items in the design and equipment.


The first restyling in a row designated itself as updating the exterior decor in all angles. The new body looks the most vivid, stylish and expressive on advertising photos and videos in the front projection. In sight:

• panoramic windshield and a rounded edge of the embossed bonnet;

• glossy perimeter, transverse massive lamellas and chrome-decorated brand logo of the hexagonal grille;

• angular blocks of LED frontal optics framed by DRL strips.

Audi SQ5 2021.

The lower segment of the front end looks stylish and presentable, complete with fog lamps built into the side diffusers, a compact air intake and a narrow ribbed profile of a metal body kit.

According to the participants of the first presentation, in its category, the Audi SQ5 2021 has every chance of receiving the status of «car of the year».

From a profile perspective, the crossover looks no less stylish and expressive. The sidewalls are dominated by the classic crossover style. The novelty demonstrates:

• complete with decorative rails and an extended spoiler contour of the domed roof;

• chrome-plated mirror cases;

• black glossy trim of three-piece side glazing;

• ribbed longitudinal profiles of dynamic bodywork.

In the lower part, the new body attracts attention with the correct geometry and volume of the wheel arches, the exclusive design of two-tone 18-inch wheels.

Audi SQ5 2021.

Least of all changes in the new design of the back of the body. In stock:

• classic tandem spoiler and tilting window;

• embossed luggage compartment door equipped with corporate symbols, stylish lamps with original graphics;

• a ribbed bumper equipped with combined shades and double tailpipes of a massive body kit decorated with black chrome.

Chrome nameplates and dynamic stepped details are featured as elements of the rear bodywork.


The interior of the five-seater cabin is designed on the basis of premium finishing and decorative materials, including genuine leather, carbon fiber and polished aluminum.

The front panel demonstrates the high information content of a multi-mode virtual panel that combines the functions of an instrument panel and an on-board computer monitor.

The command functionality of controlling the onboard options is concentrated on the touch panel of the media display and the buttons of the multifunctional multifunction steering wheel.

The dashboard includes horizontal deflectors of interior ventilation, consoles with elements for switching on and adjusting the onboard technical and electronic equipment.

The composition of the interior equipment of the cabin is identical to European and Asian premium crossover counterparts of a higher class.

The tunnel includes a monochrome information monitor, a technical sector with a compact transmission lever, a niche for small luggage and an extended list of organizers.

Audi SQ5 2021.

The armrest completes the design of the tunnel, which in parallel serves as a cover for the refrigerator compartment.

The well-profiled and ergonomically flawless pilot seat service offers full lateral support, multiple tuning ranges, and adjustable seating heating and ventilation circuits.

The rear sofa compensates for the lack of similar amenities with a spacious seating position and plenty of personal space for each of the three riders.

It is also possible to change the inclination of the sofa backrest and a simple, cost-effective transformation to increase the volume of the trunk from 610 to 1550 liters.


Formatted in the ratios of 4671 x 1893 and 1635 mm, the dimensions of the case indicate that the crossover belongs to the category of premium compact SUVs.

In the layout and design features of the crossover chassis: 2824 mm center base, modular platform with independent multi-link suspension, off-road clearance, disc brakes and safety systems.

Audi SQ5 2021.

The running characteristics of the new version at different speed modes are provided by the built-in anti-roll bars.

• The power unit of the novelty consists of a turbocharged three-liter petrol «four» (354 hp / 500 Nm of peak thrust) and an 8-band automated all-wheel drive transmission of the Tiptronic series. The differential with automatic locking will be available in the list of paid options.

• Test drive in all respects confirmed the dynamics of the first «hundred square meters» of 5.4 seconds and fuel consumption 8.2-8.5 liters for every 100 km of run in mixed mode. Electronics locks the top speed bar at 250 km / h.

Options and prices

At the first stage, the new Audi SQ5 2021 model year is announced only in the basic version, the price of which is about 60 thousand euros.

Sales start in Russia

The result of negotiations on the start of supply of the crossover to the domestic market is still unknown. Perhaps the release date in Russia will be announced in the first quarter of 2021.

Competing models

In the status of real rivals Volkswagen Tiguan, BMW X3, Lexus NH 300, Skoda Kodiak and Mercedes GLA.

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