Audi S3 2021.

Audi S3 2021

Audi S3 2021.

Audi S3 2021 — new versions of the Sedan and Sportback charged «Eski».
As expected, Ingolstadt presented sports versions of the A3 family, in sedan and hatchback bodies. In general, the models were supposed to be shown in Geneva, but in connection with world events, they decided to hold the S version until summer. As usual, Audi has prepared a more powerful engine, body parts and revised materials for the interior trim. Plus, there are tons of optional equipment not available for the classic A3.

It is also important to note that the charged Troika (Sportback and Sedan) is coming to Russia for the first time. So it is worth studying the internal filling of cars, their competitors and price tags in more detail.

Technical stuffing

So, what will the Audi S3 be rich in? In fact, reviews of spoiled Europeans do not favor the novelty. The 4th generation pumped up in terms of dynamics. But since our market will see the model for the first time, the difference in dynamics is 0.3 sec. we will leave behind the scenes and, according to tradition, go through the key nodes.

Audi S3 2021

MLB was chosen as the trolley. In contrast to the base A3, «eski» will delight the all-wheel drive Quattro (due to the hydraulic multi-plate clutch) and adaptive multi-link on pneumatic elements (front and rear) with the function of adjusting the clearance in the range of 15 mm.

Also, the brake system was upgraded. Now there are ventilated discs and six-piston calipers on both axles, painted red. The steering system relies on a gear ratio change system and an electric booster. The transmission is a classic 7-band S-tronic.

As for the engine, which, recall, has no alternative for the S- and RS-versions, there is a 310-horsepower 2.0 TFSI in the L4 architecture. By the way, the top-end A3 has only 150 hp.

As for the dynamics, as mentioned, there is a loss of 0.3 seconds, nevertheless, acceleration to a hundred in 4.8 seconds is quite acceptable for this class. The maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h.

Audi S3 2021

Onboard equipment

Unfortunately, Russia is on the lagging list, so a complete list of trim levels has not yet been made public. So let’s list what we mentioned at the presentation. And enough to say:

Premium multimedia with MIB 3 firmware and a 10.25-inch touchscreen in the base and a 12.3-inch one for an extra charge;
Virtual Instrument Cockpit 10.1-inch. For a Cockpit Plus surcharge at 12.3;
LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, support for mobile interfaces, voice control and interaction with Audi Connect;
List of passive systems ABS, EBD, BAS, ESP, TCS, HAC;
Audi Drive Select system with three driving modes — Comfort, Auto and Dynamic;
Bang & Olufsen speakers with surround sound.

Also, for a surcharge, it will be possible to get an adaptive cruise control of the 2nd generation, which has not only the functionality of recognizing signs, pedestrians, etc., but also monitors the condition of the driver. If he becomes unconscious, the car will pull over to the side and call emergency services.

Audi S3 2021

Body and dimensions

In terms of form factor, if previously offered four body options, now Ingolstadt has settled on only two: Sportback (5-door hatch) and the classic Sedan. The compartment hatch and convertible dropped out of the race.

In terms of appearance, the difference is minimal, nevertheless, it will not be difficult to distinguish the «eski» from the A3:

On the front, all chrome elements are painted black;
The radiator grill received a Singleframe filling;
An additional slot appeared between the hood lid and the grille (similarly for all new «esoks»);
Newly shaped side mirrors in black;
The rear exhaust received two twin nozzles;
The body kit front and rear flaunts oversized diffusers, also with Singleframe filling;
The sedan gets a spoiler, while the Sportback (hatch) has no roof rails.

Matrix optics, which can be seen on renders, are available as an option. Inside the «teeth», which the manufacturer himself calls «tears», fit 15 LEDs.

Audi S3 2021


The interior of the Audi S3 traditionally inherits the architecture of donor models. Therefore, the only question here is in the skin. The S3 gets a composite upholstery using Nappa leather, ceramic, carbon and aluminum overlays. The latter are painted matt black.

Also optionally available is the multi-contour interior lighting and 2 variants of sports seats with perforated stitching, a more “enveloping” profile for the rider and family symbols. Plus, the escam traditionally relies on a new multifunction wheel with a truncated rim below.

And, perhaps, the main innovation of the 4th generation S3 is the use of special upholstery for basic seats. Ingolstadt says the material is made from recycled plastic bottles. That’s the advantage for a premium car (no).


Everything is bad here. Audi took a course to rise in price, not at all fitting into the pricing of the German troika. For half a million you can buy a Mercedes A-Class with 306 hp, a Mercedes-Benz A35 AMG with 306 hp, and for the same price an A45 S AMG with 421 hp. All with four-wheel drive.

With Bavaria (BMW) the same story. You can take the 340 hp 1-Series hatch. or a 2-Series sedan with 306 hp. also marked M Special.

Price and start date of sales

Sales in Europe are scheduled to begin in October this year. The first step will be the Edition one, which is offered in red and yellow enamels with 19-inch wheels. Our country will see S-ki closer to the spring of 2021 and, most likely, in the original configuration.

At prices, Ingolstadt will request a minimum of 3.98 million rubles for the Sportback, and 4.05 million for the sedan (at the exchange rate for August 2020). But considering the competitors, there is no need to talk about the prospects.

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