BMW 5-Series (G60) 2024.

BMW 5-Series (G60) 2024.

BMW 5-Series (G60) 2024.

The line-up of the new BMW 5-Series (G60) now includes two rechargeable hybrids.

In the spring of twenty-three, the Bavarians presented the BMW 5-Series sedan (G60), and now the four-door family has been expanded with two new modifications.

We are talking about the BMW 530e and BMW 550e xDrive versions, which are rechargeable hybrids.

Specifically, the “five hundred and thirty” has rear-wheel drive, and it is driven by a 2.0-liter “turbo-four” of the B48 series. It develops 190 hp. and 310 Nm.

A new generation electric motor, integrated into an eight-speed ZF automatic, works in tandem with the internal combustion engine.

Its output reaches 184 hp. (250 Nm), while the predecessor had 109 forces (265 Nm).

The total output of the units is stated at 299 “horses” and 450 Nm of torque.

A 19.4 kWh traction battery is installed under the floor, which allows the sedan to travel 93-103 km on electric power (WTLP cycle).

BMW 5-Series (G60) 2024.

The maximum speed in the “green” preset is limited to 140 km/h.

It is known that the new BMW 530e accelerates from zero to hundreds in 6.3 seconds.

Thus, it is 0.4 seconds slower than a similar modification in the old G30 body, the power of the units reaches 292 hp.

BMW 5-Series (G60) 2024.

The deterioration in dynamics is due to the increased weight — the hybrid rear-wheel drive sedan weighs as much as 2,080 kg, while its predecessor weighs 1,845 kg.

As for the older version of the BMW 550e xDrive, it is already all-wheel drive. Its heart is a 3.0-liter in-line turbo-six B58 with 313 hp. (450 Nm).

The electric motor used in the installation is also more productive — 197 horsepower (280 Nm). Thus, at peak the units already produce 489 “mares” and 700 Nm of torque.

BMW 5-Series (G60) 2024.

The traction battery here has the same capacity, and it lasts for 83-90 km. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is possible in 4.3 seconds, and the top speed reaches 250 km/h (electronically limited).

Rechargeable hybrids also have richer equipment (compared to the mild-hybrid BWM 520i and 520d).

These four-doors are equipped with 19-inch wheels and the BMW Iconic Sounds Electric system, which simulates the sound of an internal combustion engine in the cabin.

BMW 5-Series (G60) 2024.

Specifically, the “five hundred and fiftieth” also boasts an adaptive suspension and a fully controlled chassis.

Sales of the new BMW 530e and BMW 550e xDrive are scheduled to start at the beginning of 2024.

For the rear-wheel drive version, the Germans will ask 65,300 euros (6.66 million rubles at the current exchange rate), and for all-wheel drive — from €77,300 (7.9 million rubles).


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