BMW X7 2022.

BMW X7 2022.

BMW X7 2022.

The flagship crossover from the Bavarian company is preparing for its first-ever restyling: the BMW X7 2022 model year is preparing to update its exterior, mainly the front end.

There is no reason to resort to revolutionary changes in design, as the BMW X7 finds buyers quite successfully, annually increasing sales.

In 2020, the growth is about 20%, and at the end of the first half of 2021, plus another 10%.

The restyled model is planned to enter the global market at the end of 2022, so the manufacturer has time to work on improvements, including technical ones.

Overview of the restyling

This full-size luxury SUV was developed mainly for the U.S. market, in addition the production of crossovers BMW X7 established in the U.S..

The design of the car uses the same platform as the SUV X5 and X6, but to realize the three-row body had to «stretch» noticeably.

The current dimensions of the largest in the model line of the «Bavarian»:

length — 5151 mm;
width — 2,000 mm
Height — 1805 mm;
Wheelbase — 3105 mm.

BMW X7 2022.

The new BMW X7 Facelift will remain about the same dimensions, but will look different.

This is confirmed by renders, which have been «walking» around the Internet for a long time.

Body BMW X7 2022.

According to available information, BMW X7 2022 model year will receive radically different optics.

Running lights will turn into narrow strips and will be on the «second» floor, and under them will be placed larger blocks of main headlights.

Chrome radiator grille will keep its size and shape, and the front bumper will completely update the outlines of the air intakes.

On the version with the M Sport package they will become even bigger and more prominent, and together with new optics the front end of the car will become very unusual.

BMW X7 2022.

At least, fans-conservatives of German brand will obviously be shocked by the new style, but it is correctable as fans of the brand have experienced rather easily revolutionary changes of the once branded «nostrils» that unexpectedly stretched in height.


Bavarians say nothing about the new interior BMW X7 2022, but the vast majority of forecasts from experts call almost realized the idea to copy the interior and architecture of the front console of the crossover iX.

Consequently, we can expect the appearance of a large, stretched in width dual screen, which will be divided into «dashboard» and «multimedia».

BMW X7 2022.

Certainly, the high status of the car will predetermine the appearance of the most advanced systems of comfort and safety in its equipment, which will mean at least equipping all seats with electric regulation, installation of three-zoned «climate», appearance of mass of electronic «assistants» to a driver, etc.

Technical stuffing and characteristics

At the moment the flagship BMW X7 is equipped with three-liter gasoline and diesel engines rated from 306 to 450 hp, which have two turbines, and the top modification gets 4.4-liter 530 hp unit.

The range of motors will not change, but most likely as a result of restyling all units will add in the number of «horses».

BMW X7 2022.

Automatic transmission will remain the same, as well as the adaptive pneumatic suspension with adjustable ground clearance (5 positions with a step of 40 mm), and all-wheel drive chassis with five presets: Comfort, Sport, Individual, Eco Pro and Adaptive.

BMW X7: prices and release date in Russia

The BMW X7 is sold in Russia for between 7.4 and 11.0 million rubles, and the Germans continue to consider our market the third largest for the new crossover after the United States and China.

This allows us to think that in our country sales of the updated BMW X7 will start at the same time as in other countries, i.e. next fall.


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