Ford Explorer ST 2022.

Ford Explorer ST 2022.

Ford Explorer ST 2022.

The «freshened up» Ford Explorer ST can have rear-wheel drive, and you’ll have to pay extra for all-wheel drive.

It will probably allow the company to lower the starting price of the «charged» crossover presented in the American market.

Ford Explorer turned out to be one of the few models, which sales increased during the «covid» 2020.

Thus, brand dealers in the U.S. sold 226,217 vehicles during that period, up 22.5 percent from a year earlier.

The current year continues to be positive, with customers buying 131,592 cars between January and July, up 10.3% from a year earlier.

Ford does a lot of model updates, not a major restyling, but updates for the next model year.

Now it became known what is likely to change in the «charged» crossover Ford Explorer ST 2022 model year.

Note that the current version of the Explorer has all-wheel drive in the base version, its price in the home market starts at $ 49 thousand, the equivalent of 3.63 million rubles at the current exchange rate (last time dealers rewrote the price tag upwards in June this year).

Ford Explorer ST 2022.

However, according to Ford Authority, the Explorer ST 2022 model year will have a rear-wheel drive, and the Intelligent 4WD system will be available only for a fee.

The company has not yet confirmed the information. In case it happens, we can assume that the company’s decision is caused by the desire to reduce the cost of the base version of the «charged» crossover of the American brand.

Ford Explorer ST 2022.

How exactly the price will fall, it is not reported yet.

The actual Ford Explorer ST has a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine under the hood. Its output is 406 hp and maximum torque is 563 Nm.

It works together with a ten-speed automatic. Top speed «charged» SUV — 230 km / h. The crossover of the next model year’s «stuffing» is likely to remain the same.

Ford Explorer ST 2022.

Note, to draw attention to the model is intended Ford Explorer ST, created in a single copy for the presentation at the event Woodward Dream Cruise, which starts next weekend.

Visually, this car is different due to the white body with contrasting blue stripes (like a race car).

In addition, this version has a splitter at the front, the windows — nets, and in profile you can see the branded wheels with a diameter of 21 inches.

Ford Explorer ST 2022.

In the spring of this year reported that Ford Explorer got off-road version Timberline.

This crossover is designed for outdoor enthusiasts. About what exactly is the difference between this version and others, we told earlier.

The starting price tag of the «off-road» version is $46,015 (about 3.41 million rubles).

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