BYD HAN EV 2021.

BYD HAN EV 2021.

BYD HAN EV 2021.

BYD HAN EV 2021. Chinese automakers continue to actively explore the market for electric cars, and they do so very successfully, given the production versions of vehicles that are being sold in the Celestial Empire.

One such electric car is the attractive BAB Han EB 2021 sedan, which is a direct competitor for electric cars Xpeng P7, Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf and Polestar 2.

At the moment, this luxury car is available on the home market in three basic configurations with a price tag starting at 2,879,000 rubles.

The premium sedan is sold in several variants in terms of equipment.

Packages and prices

Potential buyers in China, the car BAD Han EB 2021, presented in the new body, is available in three elaborate configurations.

We are talking in this case about Luxury, Premium and Flagship versions. The price of the car ranges from 2,879,000 to 3,460,000 rubles in terms of Russian currency at the current exchange rate.

The electric sedan boasts not only impressive technical characteristics, but also a luxurious appearance and a rich interior design.

All this potential buyers will be able to appreciate not only from the photos, but also during a visual review of the model, which is present in the official dealerships.

Technical characteristics

When reviewing this car, it is obligatory to highlight its key characteristics.

BYD HAN EV 2021.

In particular, it is necessary to consider the power part of the electric car, which is represented by two versions of units:

One electric motor, which generates 163 kW or 221 horsepower, as well as 330 N*m of torque;

Two electric motors generating 163 and 200 kW (363 kW or 493 hp in total), as well as 680 N*m of torque.

Regardless of the powertrain variant, the car is equipped with a 76.9 kWh lithium-ion battery.

This provides a range on a single battery charge of 605 and 550 kilometers, respectively.

The role of the transmission is performed by a standard power distribution gearbox.

BYD HAN EV 2021.

Versions with one engine are front-wheel drive, variants with two engines are equipped with a four-wheel drive system.

The Chinese electric car presented here boasts the following dimensions:

length — 4,980 mm;
Width — 1 910 mm;
Height — 1,495 mm;
wheelbase — 2 920 mm;
ground clearance — 130 mm.

Despite the fact that this electric sedan has a sporty body geometry, it boasts a spacious luggage compartment that can hold more than 500 liters of cargo.

However, there is a clear disadvantage here due to the narrow loading aperture.

Driveability and off-road performance

Regardless of the chosen version, it makes no sense to talk about the off-road performance of this car, for the simple reason that this is a fully urban model.

BYD HAN EV 2021.

Sedan BYD Han EV 2021 is not able to cope with serious off-road obstacles on its way due to the low ground clearance, as well as the long wheelbase.

In turn, in the city and on the highway the car behaves itself confidently and, despite the length of the body, can boast of excellent maneuverability.

Special attention should be paid to the steering of the model, which fully corresponds to the indicators of premium cars.

Also worth mentioning is the quality and well thought-out suspension of the vehicle, which does not transmit significant vibrations from driving to the cabin.

The car literally swallows small artificial bumps in its path.

On the front wheel axle is located standard independent spring suspension with McPherson struts. At the rear, an independent multi-lever system is used.

BYD HAN EV 2021.


It should be noted that the strong side of this electric sedan is its appearance, which at first glance does not differ much from the design of standard gasoline or diesel models.

Here there is also a panel imitating a radiator grille, a narrow head optics is installed, and besides there is a compact air intake on the front bumper.

If we evaluate the car as a whole on the perimeter of the body, it is completely similar to the standard model and will not stand out so noticeably from the general flow of traffic.

As for the design itself, it turned out to be moderate, bold and at the same time pragmatic.

If we talk about the interior design of the car in the cabin, then there is sheer luxury and abundance of high-tech elements.

We can’t say that the interior looks unusual, but the sports red decorative inserts, as well as the appropriate upholstery of the seats do their job.

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