Changan Avatr 12 2024.

Changan Avatr 12 2024.

Changan Avatr 12 2024.

The stylish electric fastback Avatr 12 is presented at the Munich Motor Show.

Avatr, founded by Changan, CATL and Huawei, took part in the Munich IAA 2023 exhibition, where it showed its second model, the Avatr 12, to the local public.

The premiere of the latter in Munich is not at all accidental, since it is here that the European design studio of the Chinese brand is located, which was just the same responsible for the appearance of the novelty.

It is interesting that the developers refer the presented car to the “Gran Coupe” class, while in terms of its form factor, the model is more like a fastback.

Like the Avatr 11, the car has a sloping roofline but no rear window. Due to this, the profile of the novelty turned out to be more light.

The windshield of the car comes up to the roof cross member connecting the B-pillars. Its upper part (above the heads of the front passengers) has a dimming function.

At the same time, a display consisting of 10,500 dots is also provided at the base of the windshield. It can be used to display greetings, pictures, and various phrases.

The presented fastback also has frameless doors and a retractable spoiler at the stern. It has cameras instead of mirrors. Wheels available in 20″ or 21″.

Of the features of the interior of the model, it is worth noting the presence of a kind of belt above the front panel. In it, the Chinese placed a long 35.4-inch display with 4K resolution.

Changan Avatr 12 2024.

It displays both virtual instrument readings and navigation with other secondary data. Well, in the center of the front panel is a 15.6-inch multimedia touchscreen.

Interestingly, both front seats have folding footrests: the driver can quite relax by entrusting the control of the machine to an advanced autopilot.

For interior decoration, the Chinese used nappa leather and wood veneer. At the same time, the interior design may vary from version to version (three of them have been announced — Luxury, Elite and Sport).

Changan Avatr 12 2024.

An audio system with 27 speakers, an air freshener (three different cartridges) and advanced contour lighting (a choice of 64 colors) are also called upon to please passengers.

Avatr 12 2024 is built on the same platform as the “eleventh” model, but its suspension is no longer spring-loaded, but with air springs.

As for the dimensions, the car reaches a length of 5,020 mm, a width of 1,999 mm, and a height of 1,450 mm. The distance between its axes is 3,020 mm.

The trunk of the model is separate. It is accessed via a large lifting cover. The declared volume of the compartment is 350 liters.

Changan Avatr 12 2024.

At the same time, the car is suitable for transporting long items — the back of the rear sofa can be folded. There is also a front trunk — 46 liters.

In the base, the fastback has a rear-wheel drive and is equipped with only one electric motor with a capacity of 313 hp. (370 Nm). The all-wheel drive version also relies on an additional power unit in the front — for 265 forces (280 Nm).

Changan Avatr 12 2024.

The total output of the 4WD version is 578 «mare» and 650 Nm of torque. Its mass is 2,300 kg, but the acceleration time from standstill to hundreds is not advertised. It is only known that the maximum speed for both modifications is limited to 200 km / h.

Regardless of the number of electric motors, the car relies on a lithium-ion traction battery from CATL. Its capacity is 94.5 kWh. Power reserve — 650-700 km (depending on modification).

In China, Avatr 12 will appear at the end of 2023, and in the twenty-fourth, the developers also plan to bring the model to Europe. Price information is not yet available.


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