Audi A7 2022.

Audi A7 2022.

Audi A7 2022.

Audi A7 2022: premium fastback in different configuration options.

The German brand Audi AG has modernized the popular branded fastback model in a short time, which will enter the automotive markets of the European Union under the name Audi A7 2022.

In its second generation, the premium four-door belongs to the Gran Turismo class car segment.

In the photo in straight and diagonal angles, the new Audi model, model 2022, spectacularly demonstrates a bright, stylish and presentable appearance, also deserves attention advanced dynamic characteristics of economical power units.

The novelty is adapted for city operation conditions, so its off-road potential is rather conditional.

The fastback shows its best qualities on roads with a flat surface.

The exterior of the

Already in the basic version, the novelty of the model range can claim premium status, despite the abundance of small details in the front view. In the area of increased attention:

the panoramic format of the enclosed black windshield perimeter;
longitudinal, functional and decorative profiles of the wide hood;
branded graphics of the trapezoidal blocks of LED optics;
octagonal radiator grille decorated with the brand logo and transverse slats.

The lower front end features sports vented diffusers, a compact slotted air intake configuration and a narrow, ribbed overhang.

When viewed from the profile, the new body looks no less expressive. In design features: aerodynamic contour of the hollow fastback roof, matte plastic perimeter and side window pillars, wedge-shaped mirrors and slightly protruding door handles.

Audi A7 2022.

The design of the lower tier of sides is more interesting. Several wave and stepped reliefs, flawless geometry of wheel arches and multi-blade design of 18-inch aluminum composite textured wheels are in sight.

The new version of Audi’s fastback belongs to the category of premium high-speed cars is directly indicated by the low landing of the aerodynamically flawless body, elongated overhangs and a number of other, less important factors.

If you look at the rear of the Audi A7 2022 from the first sight is recognized by an elegant curve of the spoiler dome, the compact size of the luggage compartment lid decorated with nameplates, angular shape of clearance and stop lamps, connected by led crosspiece.

Under the wave profile of the bumper there is a monoblock of plastic trim and small-sized protective panel.

The analysis of reviews and comments showed that positive assessment of the new Audi was given by beginners motorists and car ace with a solid experience.


The quality of finish of the five-meter interior is impeccable: the range of materials of the premium segment, including several variants of natural leather, elastic plastic with a pleasant texture and polished metal decorative accents.

Audi A7 2022.

The restyling left the two-story layout of the front panel, complete with a virtual dashboard and multimedia display unchanged.

The equipment of the second tier consists of a key station and a touchscreen activator of the attached options.

In the new edition, the premium branded Seven is equipped with advanced functional and comfort-forming electronics, a navigation system, four-zone climate control, and safe driving assistants.

The low and wide tunnel is equipped with joystick transmission, organizers and armrest with built-in refrigerator compartment volume. Ergonomic front pilot seats showcase:

sporty profiling with elements of side support;
an expanded list of seating and travel adjustments;
integrated heating and ventilation circuits.

The format of the second-row sofa is designed for comfortable seating of three adults. Unfortunately, the low fastback roof creates real discomfort for tall passengers.

Audi A7 2022.

Test-drive of the modernized Audi 2022 has confirmed the excellent visibility in all directions, sound insulation efficiency and coherence of work of completing units.

Driving the fastback is simplified by perfectly adjusted steering mechanism, wide-range pneumatics and the help of electronic assistants.

The novelty of the model range is stable in corners and perfectly holds the road at different speeds.

In terms of safety, the new fastback deservedly received five stars after crash-testing.

Fans of automobile tourism and other outdoor activities will give a positive assessment of the capacity of 525-liter trunk, which with the transformation of the rear seats increases to an impressive 1390 liters.

Technical characteristics

For all modifications, without exception, dimensions of the body in terms of D-S and B — 4969 x 1908 and 1422 mm — remain unchanged. Axle base length — 2926 mm, height of clearance — 145 mm.

Audi A7 2022.

Future owners can choose a model with spring or air suspension, a set of standard or top safety systems.

The engine range includes petrol and diesel modifications of the 2 and 3-liter range, with outputs from 245 to 340 hp.

Traction and speed properties are realized by 7-band «robot» or 8-band all-wheel-drive automatics.

Time to change the second hundred from 6.3 to 5.3 seconds, the upper parameter of the maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h by the electronic circuit.

Features and prices

In Russian showrooms, only four of the 14 modifications of the new fastback will be available. The starting price of each model ranges from 5.2 to 6.1 million rubles.

Start of sales in Russia

The first batch of Audi A7 2022 will come to branded sales outlets not earlier than the second half of the fall season.

The release date in Russia will presumably be adjusted in one direction or another.

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