Chevrolet Sonic 2022.

Chevrolet Sonic 2022.

Chevrolet Sonic 2022.

Chevrolet Sonic 2022. Chevrolet could create a «killer» Toyota Corolla that is worse than the Hyundai Solaris? Opinion on the new Sonic.

The 2022 Chevrolet Sonic is in a segment that has been dominated for years by the Toyota Corolla.

Therefore, one would expect that the American company, when preparing an updated version of the sedan, would take into account all the features of the Japanese model and make its product better.

This is all the more likely when you consider that the Corolla is in high demand in Sonic’s home market. But as it turns out, Chevrolet apparently hasn’t paid attention to its competitor.

The Chevrolet Sonic 2022 is a super-modern model that features a stylish exterior and comfort inside.

The new Chevrolet Sonic 2022 enters the U.S. European car market ready to compete with large cars of the same category, even if it is a simple model.

Consumption Test

New consumer tests are still being conducted on the new Chevrolet Sonic to evaluate its fuel economy.

After all, this is one of the most important requirements for a vehicle. So as soon as the manufacturer’s brand publishes the results of those tests, we’ll update this post.

Chevrolet Sonic 2022.

In the meantime, check below the average expected consumption:

Average gasoline fueled consumption: 9.3 km/l city 1 2.4 km/l highway;
Average consumption on ethanol: an average of 7 km / l in the city and 9.6 km / l on the highway.

Technical Specifications

It is through the technical file that customers and users are within the minimum information about the car in question.

However, the manufacturer of the new Chevrolet Sonic 2022 has not yet published this document before the close of this post.

Chevrolet Sonic 2022.

Below, we have provided important information about the current model’s data sheet. Check it out:

Engine 1.6;
Valves: DOHC, four valves per cylinder (Dual CVVT);
Arrangement: Transverse;
Maximum engine speed (rpm): 6,500.
Number of cylinders: 4 in-line;
Diameter and stroke (mm): 79.0 x 81.5;
Compression ratio: 10.8: 1;
Fuel: gasoline/ethanol;

Chevrolet Sonic 2022.

Maximum usable torque (ABNT NBR 5484 — ISO 1585): ethanol: 16.3 kgf/min at 4000 rpm / gasoline: 15.8 kgf/min at 4000 rpm;

Maximum Net Power (ABNT NBR 5484 — ISO 1585): ethanol: 120cv at 6000 rpm / gasoline: 116cv at 6000 rpm.
*We’ll update this post soon as Chevrolet releases the Sonic 2022 specs!

Chevrolet Sonic 2022.

How much is the new 

Chevrolet is keeping information about the new Chevrolet top secret.

One of this information, which has not yet been disclosed, concerns the versions and their price, which will be sold in the European car market in Russia, USA.

At the moment, the model is only available in two versions. They are:

Sonic Sedan: from $15,450 USD ;
Sonic Hatch: from $12,650.

According to available information, the model will still be sold in these two single versions. However, its values will undergo adjustments.

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