Chrysler 2025.

Chrysler 2025.

Chrysler 2025.

Chrysler 2025 is preparing a full-fledged lineup, but the minivan will remain a key product.

After production of the Chrysler 300 sedan ended at the end of last year, only the Pacifica minivan remained in the lineup of the once prestigious American brand.

Chrysler’s revival will begin in 2025 with the debut of a mid-size electric crossover on the STLA Large platform, then the radically updated Pacifica will enter the market, and then other new products will join the range, and not necessarily electric ones.

Last year, Chrysler’s U.S. sales totaled 133,729 vehicles, up 19% from 2022 sales, according to Stellantis’ official report.

The main box office was made by the Pacifica minivan; it sold 120,554 units. (+22%) and is now the most popular model on the market in the MPV segment.

For comparison, let’s say that the Honda Odyssey sold 74,738 units in the United States last year. (+57%), Toyota Sienna — 66,547 units. (-4.3%), Kia Carnival — 43,687 units. (+121.7%).

Despite the sales growth recorded at the end of 2023, Chrysler’s position leaves much to be desired: the brand has a blurred image, only one model and last place in the latest J.D. reliability rating. Power.

Chrysler 2025.

Since Chrysler’s bulk of sales comes from the Pacifica, it’s obvious that the minivan has quality and reliability issues.

Earlier this week, Chrysler revealed the Halcyon concept electric fastback on the STLA Large platform, which hints at a potential successor to the outgoing Chrysler 300, but the new production sedan has not yet been officially announced.

Christine Fewell, who has been heading the Chrysler brand since 2021, said at the presentation of the Halcyon concept that the first new Chrysler product in many years will be an electric SUV, but it will not be a production version of the Airflow concept, compact by American standards, but a larger SUV on the STLA Large platform.

Chrysler 2025.

Most likely, we are talking about a clone of the Jeep Wagoneer S, which should hit the market this year.

In turn, Chrysler’s first electric crossover will go on sale in 2025.

The next new Chrysler product after the mid-size electric crossover will be the radically updated Pacifica minivan — problems with quality and reliability will probably be resolved, and the technical stuff will be modernized.

Car and Driver magazine quotes Christine Fewell as saying:

Chrysler 2025.

“We believe in the future of the minivan. I think we just need to rethink this type of car and think about what it should become in the future. Chrysler invented the minivan back in the day, and I think we can reinvent it and breathe new life into this segment.”

Further in the second half of the current decade we will see several more new Chrysler models, but which ones are still unknown.

Chrysler 2025.

We believe that in the new model range there will be a place for both a compact crossover and a new flagship sedan.

It is unknown what kind of power plants they will have; we only note that the enthusiasm of American automakers for electric vehicles has noticeably faded in recent months amid a global slowdown in demand for them.

The STLA Large platform is very flexible; it allows the production of hydrocarbon, hybrid and all-electric models with any type of drive.


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