Chery Jetour 2024.

Chery Jetour 2024.

Chery Jetour 2024.

Jetour and leasing company Europlan have opened up new opportunities for corporate clients.

The Jetour brand announces the expansion of its partnership agreement with Europlan.

Since February 2024, the entire model line of the Jetour brand is available under a leasing program for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Organizations that have entered into a Jetour car leasing agreement with Europlan until February 29, 2024, as part of a special offer, receive the right to early purchase of the car with a benefit of up to 18%.

At the same time, cars can be purchased on lease with a 0% advance, zero increase in price or a reduced monthly payment.

Thus, the minimum leasing payment for the Jetour Dashing crossover will be only 28,584 rubles. Approval of a transaction takes 15 minutes, and the processing time is from one day.

We are pleased to cooperate with one of the most reputable companies in the Russian car leasing market — the Europlan company.

Chery Jetour 2024.

Thanks to this partnership, we are opening up new opportunities for organizations and entrepreneurs to add Jetour crossovers to their corporate fleet.

This year, we will continue to actively develop our dealer network and new programs so that every client – both retail and corporate – can take advantage of all the available benefits when purchasing and operating Jetour vehicles.

Chery Jetour 2024.

Mikhail Rotkin. Deputy General Director of Jetur Motor Rus

As part of a new special corporate leasing program, clients have the opportunity, after early purchase, to become the owner of the flagship crossover Jetour X90 Plus for less than 3 million rubles, while saving up to 40% on taxes and up to 28% on fuel costs.

Chery Jetour 2024.

Europlan clients can also receive up to 600 liters of fuel as a gift.

The Europlan leasing program includes the entire Russian line of the Jetour brand — Dashing, X70 Plus, X90 Plus models.

Chery Jetour 2024.

More detailed information about the Jetour crossover leasing program at Europlan is presented on the company’s website.

Current information about all Jetour models is available on the official website of the brand.


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