Cupra Formentor 2024.

Cupra Formentor 2024.

Cupra Formentor 2024.

Seat will update several models, and the Cupra will enter the U.S. market with a pair of crossovers.

The Spanish brand has been promised investment that will be spent on restyling the Seat Ibiza, Arona, Leon and Ateca.

The Cupra’s firstborn in the U.S. will be an all-electric version of the Formentor.

Seat and Cupra CEO Wayne Griffiths spoke about the brands’ immediate plans at Volkswagen’s annual press conference.

According to the official report, at the end of last year, operating profit reached 625 million euros (at the end of 2022 the result was only 33 million euros), return on sales amounted to 4.4%, and turnover increased to 14.3 billion euros (increase over the previous period — 31%).

Now the Spaniards are waiting for investments that will allow them to spend on the development of the current lineup, on the development of new products and on the development of new markets.

Cupra Formentor 2024.

Seat brand is preparing for a large-scale update of its models. Thus, the manufacturer intends to refresh Ibiza, Arona, Leon and Ateca.

The current generation of Seat Ibiza and the co-platform parketnik Arona have been produced since 2017, and these models underwent restyling in 2021.

Now this pair is waiting for another major update: according to the plan, such hatchback and SUV should be presented closer to the end of 2025.

Cupra Formentor 2024.

It is expected that the models will receive modified headlights and other bumpers; it is not excluded that in their range will be soft-hybrid units, which can be shared by other models of VW concern.

However, this pair will be ahead of the Leon: as noted in the company, the hatchback and station wagon will receive their portion of updates in the next few months.

It is assumed that these five-doors will be refreshed on the lines of the related VW Golf: they will probably get different headlights, a modern infotainment system with a larger touchscreen, as well as PHEV-installation with a battery with a larger capacity, which will provide a range of up to 100 kilometers when driving only on electric power.

Cupra Formentor 2024.

The Ateca crossover is also waiting for an update, such a car will appear in the lineup later.

Recall, this relative of the Skoda Karoq appeared in 2016, and in 2020 underwent a restyling.

It is worth noting that the company did not mention a three-row SUV called Seat Tarraco, a relative of the Skoda Kodiaq.

It is possible that in the future it will leave the model lineup of the Spanish brand.

In turn, the Cupra brand intends to expand the geography of presence: according to Wayne Griffiths, by the end of this decade, the brand’s models will appear on sale in the U.S. market.

It is known that the first-born will be Cupra Formentor crossover of the next generation, which will move to a new platform and become fully «green».

Cupra Formentor 2024.

It is not known whether it will remain with internal combustion engine versions. By the way, the current Formentor is due to undergo a refresh later this year.

The second Cupra model in the States will be a larger all-electric crossover.

It is expected that its production will be established at the North American plant of VW concern. Details about the future novelty, including its name, are not yet available.


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