Seat Leon 2020.

Seat Leon 2020.

Seat Leon 2020.

The 2020 Seat Leon is a sporty hatchback and wagon with hybrid motors.
From the Spaniards from Seat, nothing has been heard for a long time. As it turned out, all this time they worked, firstly, on a significant modernization of production, for which 1.1 billion euros were allocated, and secondly, on their new, most popular model — Leon.

In January 2020, the brand, as usual, rolled out two body options at once — a hatchback and a station wagon. According to the account, Seat Leon is already the 4th generation. What interesting things the most underrated manufacturer has prepared is below.


It is not entirely clear what the Spaniards modernized there, but the novelty was built on the well-known modular MQB cart. Although it was noted at the presentation that it was «slightly modernized», no one indicated what exactly was changed there. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the known details, which are not few.

Seat Leon 2020.

First, let’s go over the motor range, which in the best German traditions (Seat has recently been owned by VW) will be represented by an extensive lineup, which will include:

1. Turbine gasoline unit with a working volume of only 1 liter. The output will be in two versions — 90 and 110 hp;

2. Further, a similar engine is proposed, but for 1.5 liters and with a capacity of 130 and 150 hp;

3. After that comes a 2-liter petrol version with the same volume of 130 and 150 hp;

4. Finally, a 2-liter diesel engine, beloved by Europeans, with 115 and 150 hp.

But that’s not all. The 2020 Seat Leon lineup will get a methane-powered version and two more hybrids, one of which is positioned as a sporty FR version. However, this is natural, because the latter will receive the most «horses». But first things first.

For the «methane» version, a revised version of the 1.5-liter turbo unit will be offered, and the output of this model will be 130 hp. By the way, there are more and more filling stations for this kind of cars in Europe every year.

Next, a hybrid was mentioned, which will receive an additional eTSI nameplate. The equipment includes a 1.5-liter turbo engine with a choice of 110 and 150 hp. and the time-tested 48-volt starter-generator with a small lithium-ion battery.

The declared FR version of Leon is represented by a rechargeable hybrid, where there is an electric motor on the front axle and a 1.4-liter turbo engine in its usual place.

The total output is 204 hp, making this pair the most powerful in the lineup. The hybrid will be able to «run» 60 km on one charge. The battery capacity is 13 kWh.

Seat Leon 2020.

By the way, as the manufacturer himself says, 60 km is far from the limit. The forthcoming additional hybrid fillings, which are a bit late for the January show, will be even more long-range.

Also, one cannot fail to mention the transmission. In the presence of a 6-speed manual, which will only be available in a set with low-power trim levels. The DSG robot has no alternative for both hybrids. Moreover, it is made in an electronic version, that is, there is no physical connection here, and the control is represented by a compact washer.

The basic version will be front-wheel drive. In the configuration for the diesel engine, it is possible to install four-wheel drive.
It only remains to mention the basic equipment. On board you will find:

virtual tidy 10.25 inches;
multimedia with CarPlay support and 8.25-inch screen;
gesture control;
platform for wireless charging of gadgets;
3-zone climate;
keyless access;
electric handbrake;
USB throughout the cabin;
LED optics and contour interior lighting;
adaptive cruise;
row control;
360 degree view.

In addition, it is simply impossible to remain in Leon without the Internet.
Not only is there a Wi-Fi module, but an eSIM slot was additionally installed here, so the Internet will follow the driver wherever it can catch a cellular connection.

Seat Leon 2020.


It can be seen that the guys from Seat worked on the body for a long time and painstakingly. Every element is verified as never before.
Such a performance can easily compete with the new Volkswagen Golf 2020, but the station wagon let us down. Although the latter is difficult to give aesthetic appeal, but, for example, Skoda with the new Octavia did it.

Separately, I would like to note the unusual design of the radiator grille and lower air intake with a «diamond» pattern, LED pattern of the front optics, large wheel rims (up to 19 inches) with an original design, wide wheelbase, diode rear axle and two diamond-shaped exhaust tips.

By the way, you shouldn’t wait for the compartment version of the hatch.
As for the station wagon, besides the fact that it is, in fact, a stretched hatchback, there is a panoramic roof, roof rails, chrome edging of door windows and a small wing.
In size, 4-door hatch and wagon, respectively.


After an adequate bodywork, you expect to see an equally elaborate interior. And it seems to be there, but it seems not.
It’s not bad, but trying to make everything perfect, both in terms of the body and inside, the Italians made everything so boring that it is somewhat repulsive.
On the positive side:

a compact bezel-less virtual panel, a huge multimedia screen for such a cabin, a cut torpedo that increases legroom, sports seats with colored stitching, premium trim materials and a cut sports steering wheel.

But otherwise, the emphasis placed on the deflectors, the indistinct architecture of the torpedo, there are still many physical buttons, the trimmed armrest and the indistinct tunnel, this is only a small part of what fans of the Italian car industry will have to admire every day.

Seat Leon 2020.


It is clearly too early to talk about competition without knowing the price tag, nevertheless the brand itself declares its readiness to compete for a buyer with VW and their legendary Golf (a strange statement, considering that VW owns Seat).

Also in the estate class, Leon wants to squeeze out the new Octavia in a similar body.

Price and start date of sales

When the sales start and what prices the Spanish brand will set for the 4th generation is not yet known. The Leon will tentatively hit the market in the second half of 2020.

In general, Russians are neither hot nor cold from this news. The Seat company left the market two years ago due to weak sales, which was a pattern of the then offer.
Considering how much they love to break the price tag, the novelty would repeat the fate of its predecessors.

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