Dongfeng Ruiqi 7 2022.

Dongfeng Ruiqi 7 2022.

Dongfeng Ruiqi 7 2022.

Dongfeng has brought to market a luxury replica of the Nissan Navara for 1.0 million rubles: sales of the new Ruiqi 7 have started.

A few days ago, Dongfeng announced the launch of the new Ruiqi 7.

Today the pickup has officially gone on sale. As for prices, they range from 109,800 to 160,800 yuan (938,000-1,373,000 rubles).

By design the model is very similar to the Nissan Navara. Moreover, this also applies to the characteristics of the car.

The manufacturer offers a fairly large selection of variations of Dongfeng Ruiqi 7 2022.

Despite the fact that the design of the pickup in many ways resembles the Japanese model, the corporate brand style is seen here. Muscular body looks powerful and sporty, which is emphasized by the design of the optics and grille.

Dongfeng Ruiqi 7 2022.

The last got the shape of a trapezium, and the headlights — a rectangle. The side niches are decorated with a decorative insert.

The wheels of the pickup look very unusual. But the profile and the cargo platform have a more standard design.

Dongfeng Ruiqi 7 2022.

The truck has good cross-country ability, which is due to the relevant parameters.

So, ground clearance is 209 mm, and the angle of departure and entrance is 25 and 33 degrees.

It is noteworthy that for a very affordable price the manufacturer offers quite a modern interior.

Dongfeng Ruiqi 7 2022.

Inside the pickup the eye is caught by the unusual style of the central console with interesting decorative inserts and smooth lines.

The large steering wheel is completed with control keys, and behind it a neat dashboard is installed.

In the center of the «torpedo» is placed a large multimedia complex, and above it — air conditioning system deflectors.

Dongfeng Ruiqi 7 2022.

A lot of soft materials are used in the trim.

Dongfeng Ruiqi 7 is available with a turbocharged diesel engine, the volume of which is equal to 2.3 liters.

At maximum settings it produces up to 166 horsepower.

The engine is combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission ZF. Gasoline versions of the pickup will be available later.

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