Evolute i-Space 2024.

Evolute i-Space 2024.

Evolute i-Space 2024.

Information about the first hybrid car appeared on the official website of the Evolute company: it was called i-Space.

The Russian brand Evolute is preparing to launch sales of the new hybrid i-Space.

A few days ago, Evolute announced the premiere of a new model in an official teaser.

Particular emphasis was placed on the fact that it is equipped with a hybrid installation. Now a little more has become known about the new Evolute i-Space 2024.

By the way, it is under this name that the crossover will go on sale. The brand’s website contains images of it and a number of other details.

A photo has been published with the inscription “Coming soon”, and there is also a form to fill out, through which, most likely, you can get comprehensive information.

The timing of its release to the market has not yet been announced. But it is already becoming clear that it was created on the basis of the current Dongfeng Fengon E5.

There are clear similarities between the two cars, although there are also differences.

Evolute i-Space 2024.

In particular, they have different nameplates and in Russia the crossover will be available exclusively in a seven-seater version, while in China the car is also available with a cabin with five seats.

The Evolute i-Space will be available with a sequential hybrid setup that will deliver up to 178 horsepower.

The traction torque is stated at 300 N*m. The crossover will be offered with a front-wheel drive system.

Evolute i-Space 2024.

Autonomy is stated at 87 km when using pure electric propulsion, and the total reserve will be 1,150 kilometers.

Production of the new product will be organized in the near future at the company’s plant in the Lipetsk region. Prices and configurations will be announced later.

Technically, the Evolute i-Space is a sequential hybrid with a main electric motor with a power of 178 hp and 300 Hm and a 1.5 petrol engine, which works exclusively as a generator, recharging the traction battery. Front-wheel drive only.

Evolute i-Space 2024.

The hybrid is equipped with a traction battery with a capacity of 17.5 kWh. The range on pure electricity is 87 km, and in hybrid mode (with a filled petrol tank and a fully charged battery) – 1150 km. Fuel consumption 5.5/100 km.

Acceleration to 100 km/h – 7.4 seconds.

Evolute i-Space 2024.

The Evolute i-SPACE 2024 has a seven-seater interior with a full third row of seats, which folds down to form a flat floor with a trunk. The front panel has not yet been shown.

By the way, it is obvious that the new i-SPACE is a converted Chinese model like all Evolutes. Which one will become known in the near future.

Other details will be announced later.


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