Ford Super Duty 2021.

Ford Super Duty 2021.

Ford Super Duty 2021.

Ford Super Duty 2021: the promising debut of the new version of the heavy pickup.

In the rating of American utility vehicles, the new model of the full-size Ford pickup truck of the Super Duty series can confidently claim the leading position. In the new generation, Ford Super Duty 2021 offers a cosmetic body design, deep restyling of power equipment, revised characteristics of off-road suspensions.

The novelty of the branded assortment compares favorably with similar European and Asian counterparts:

• high carrying capacity;

• unique for its segment force on the towing hook;

• availability of modifications with different platform dimensions and additional parameters of onboard electronics.

The advantages of the new version of the pickup are the level of interior comfort that meets American standards and high off-road potential.


The appearance of the pickup is dominated by elements of the aggressive style typical for American SUVs. In the photo, in the most stylish and expressive front view, the new body demonstrates:

Ford Super Duty 2021.

• longitudinal ribbed sidewalls of a smooth hood;

• massive chrome-plated perimeters of the head and lower air intake;

• vertical three-tier layout of large-format front optics units.

In the arrangement of the bottom of the massive front end, the ventilation duct mesh, compact fog lamps and plastic small-format body kit look great.

In the front projection, the SUV attracts attention with a large amount of decorative chrome plating and non-standard design solutions.

Side projection is less bright and presentable. In the field of view, a typical pickup body layout with a massive front end, a flat roofline and a rectangular configuration of the loading platform. The list of design features:

• multifunctional mirrors;

• static footboard with built-in electric drive;

• details of dynamic stepped relief focused on the contours of high wheel arches and in the area of ​​sills.

Ford Super Duty 2021.

The surroundings of the sidewalls of the pickup are organically complemented by chrome door handles and silvery 20-inch wheels.

Restyling has practically no effect on updating the rear side of the case. In the field of view, the tailgate of the cargo platform, decorated with the embossed Ford lettering, the vertical stop lamps placed on the struts and a slightly protruding bumper complete with towing brackets, is still in sight.

The paid add-on package includes a winch, a set of off-road tires, base plates and adaptive vibration dampers for the chassis.

In the new incarnation, Ford Super Duty 2021 creates a positive visual perception by harmonious combination of practicality and functionality with exclusive layout and design solutions of branded specialists.


The “workhorse” status did not affect the quality and range of interior finishing materials. Depending on the modification, the pickup will receive a fabric, leather or leather interior that fully meets the high American standards, modern technical equipment and advanced parameters of standard electronics.

Electronic assistants carry out the function of emergency braking, monitoring the traffic situation and blind spots, and control the exit of the car from the occupied lane.

Ford Super Duty 2021.

• The advantages of the front panel are high information content of the virtual instrument panel, vertical arrangement of ventilation and heating vents, extended command functionality of the steering wheel and 8-inch media display of the center console.

• The dashboard configuration contains consoles with analog activators of numerous functional options.

• Tightly flanking the console, the wide and low tunnel offers a container for small items, cup holders, organizers and a padded armrest that also serves as a cover for the built-in refrigerator compartment.

The service of the perfectly profiled four- or six-seater seats differs significantly in terms of comfort and technical equipment.

The front row seats are equipped with transverse lumbar support, adjustment functions, ventilation and heating circuits.

The rear seats are designed in the form of a fairly comfortable sofa with an adjustable backrest tilt. The test drive confirmed the efficiency of the pickup’s suspension and the excellent interaction of its component equipment.


The length of a standard pickup truck and with an extended platform varies from 5316-5890 mm, the center base is from 3109 or 3683 mm. Indicators of width and height of the body, 2030 and 1917 mm, are standard for all modifications. The list of advantages of the undercarriage:

Ford Super Duty 2021.

• off-road clearance with a height of 224 mm;

• independent suspension and full circle of disc brakes;

• anti-roll bars and active safety systems.

The pick-up capacity is 3560 kg, the new product can tow a trailer weighing more than 10 tons.

The Ford company offers unique traction and speed characteristics of gasoline and diesel units, with parameters of 6.7 l / 430 hp / 644 Nm and 7.3 l / 445 hp / 1400 Nm.

The power potential of power units is effectively implemented by a 10-band automatic transmission.

The dynamics of speed gain, fuel consumption, test results and other useful information in the information space for this hour are absent.

Options and prices

Ford Super Duty 2021 will be available in different versions with prices ranging from 40 to 70 thousand dollars.

The price will be determined by the configuration of a particular model and the availability of special options.


The new Ford Super Duty 2021 model year acquired worthy rivals even before it was released. In the approximate list of models: GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram and their modifications.

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