Ford Taurus 2020.

Ford Taurus 2020.

Ford Taurus 2020.

Ford Taurus 2020: the next update of the popular business sedan.
The Taurus is one of the «older» models in Ford’s lineup, but it hasn’t been updated for a long time and the developers seem to have forgotten about it.

And so, in order to occupy their niche among sedans close to the business class, the company’s managers decided to bring the new 2020 Ford Taurus to the Asian market.

The novelty has acquired a bright appearance, a comfortable and practical interior, decent under-hood characteristics, which together should ensure the success of the model both among young and experienced motorists.


The appearance of the new model is one of its greatest strengths. Large dimensions, restraint and at the same time an abundance of bright details, as well as stylistic similarity with another hit of the company’s sales — Ford Mondeo — clearly will not allow the car to go unnoticed in the stream.

Ford Taurus 2020.

Particular attention of the designers was drawn to the car’s face. It is set quite low, however, due to its large length and width, it looks massive.

The austere look of this part of the body is given by a large, strongly inclined windshield, smoothly turning into a bonnet cover provided with an abundant longitudinal relief.

Immediately in front of it begins a large hexagon of the radiator grille in a chrome edging, and around the edges slyly squinted headlights with high-quality LED filling flaunt.

The bumper body kit, judging by the photo, was «copied» from some sports car. Lean and muscular with chrome-trimmed air inlets and striking LED lights, it complements what can be seen just above in a very harmonious way.

The profile of the 2020 Ford Taurus model looks very solid due to the abundance of smooth transitions located on all body elements. The upper part contains small but stylish windows with rather thick pillars and chrome edging.

The rounded exterior mirrors match the graceful door handles for a very modern look. In the lower part, the gaze involuntarily rests on the huge wheel arches with bright, large discs inside and a pretty skirt that visually slightly «lifts» the car above the ground.

Ford Taurus 2020.

The feed of the new body resembles both Mondeo and Passat at the same time. It is distinguished by a short trunk lid with a small protrusion at the trailing edge, elongated parking lights that go over the trunk lid, connected by a wide chrome strip. In addition to her, this element contains the Ford emblem, a bit of relief and a modest understamping for a license plate.

The body kit turned out to be relatively small and from the bright decorations on it, only two large rectangular cutouts for the exhaust system in a chrome frame can be distinguished, located on opposite sides of the bumper.


The inside of the car looks a little simpler than the outside. Nevertheless, the new 2020 Ford Taurus model year received fairly high-quality, expensive materials, which, moreover, dock very well with each other.

Plastic, fabrics, leather and even metal inserts, a modern entertainment system and relatively comfortable chairs — this is not all that can please a customer’s car.

Ford Taurus 2020.

Control and management bodies

The central console of the car does not differ in size, as it turned out to be «squeezed» into a small vertical slot. It houses a 12-inch touch-enabled multimedia display, as well as a large panel with a variety of physical switches.

It is difficult to determine the strict boundary between the torpedo and the central tunnel on this vehicle. Conventionally, it can be a modest organizer hidden from prying eyes behind a curtain.

And then there are all the details that are quite recognizable in this place, such as the gear lever, several technical keys, modest cup holders and not very comfortable armrest.

The steering wheel is made in the style of the latest models of the Ford brand: not very modern and practical, but quite comfortable in the hands. Like the dashboard, which contains only the most necessary sensors, but they are informative and well-read.

Seats and trunk

The seats look much fresher and more interesting than the dashboard. They are trimmed with leather, contain a soft filler and boast a fairly wide list of «comfortable» options.

The front row will receive heating, ventilation and electric position adjustment. The rear sofa will also be ventilated and heated, but it is impossible to somehow change their position in the cabin.

But restyling has brought here a more comfortable, large armrest, which has a built-in climate control adjustment mechanism and has an autonomous multimedia system.

As the test drive proved, the luggage compartment of the car turned out to be quite roomy for a car of this class: its volume is enough for both shopping trips and long-distance travel.

Ford Taurus 2020.


No engines other than gasoline are provided for the 2020 Ford Taurus. The initial version with a volume of two liters will be able to produce 240 power forces.

The top-end configuration will include a 3.5-liter unit that generates 288 or 365 «horses». Both options will work together with a six-step robot.

Unfortunately, the novelty will not be able to boast of low fuel consumption, but it will quickly accelerate and successfully cope with many traffic situations.

Options and prices

For the simplest version of the car, of which there will be only three, you will need to pay about 2 million rubles in terms of our money. The price of the most expensive configuration will be about 500 thousand rubles more.

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