GMA T.50 2022.

GMA T.50 2022.

GMA T.50 2022.

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) T.50: a new supercar from the creator of the legendary McLaren F1.

Back in two thousand seventeen, the British company Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA), founded by the former constructor of Formula 1 cars Gordon Murray, announced the T.50 supercar, but the latter was completely declassified only in August two thousand and twenty.

Although earlier Gordon Murray promised that the supercar developed by the company would not use solutions from the legendary McLaren F1 he had previously created, but in fact the novelty turned out to be the direct heir to the British model.

For example, the outside of the Gordon Murray T.50 has similar body proportions, while the car has large teardrop-shaped headlights, a sloping glass roof and the most streamlined sidewalls.

GMA T.50 2022.

Interestingly, in order to achieve the best aerodynamics, cameras are installed on the two-door instead of side mirrors, the image from which is displayed on a special display along the edges of the front panel.

Of greatest interest is the design of the stern with a massive diffuser and a large 400 mm fan located in the center of the rear bumper.

The latter is an essential component of the active aerodynamics system, which was used in the British racing team Brabham in the late seventies.

With the help of this system, the designers of the British brand managed to achieve the so-called ground effect: the air currents passing under the car body enter special air ducts, while at the exit they are accelerated using the said fan.

This creates a Venturi effect, which further increases downforce, while the airflow over the roof is controlled by the active wing.

GMA T.50 2022.

This system cools the engine and transmission at the same time, while the vertical intake duct prevents road debris from entering the fan.

Interestingly, the T.50 active aerodynamics system has six operating modes at once. Two of them are automatic and are used exclusively for acceleration and braking, while the rest of the driver has the right to choose himself.

For example, one of them improves the aerodynamics of the car in a straight line, while the other helps to reduce fuel consumption.

The supercar is accessed through the lift doors. There are three seats inside, while the driver’s seat is located strictly in the center, and the passenger seat is slightly behind and on the sides of it.

The car has a three-spoke steering wheel and complex tidy with a large dial in the center.

The new Gordon Murray T.50 is a fairly compact supercar. The length of the two-door reaches 4 352 mm, width — 1 850, height — 1 164.

It is reported that the monocoque and body panels of the coupe are made of carbon fiber, due to which the car’s dry weight is only 986 kg.

The two-door is powered by a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine, which was developed by Cosworth and has a camber of 65 degrees.

It is interesting that this unit weighs only 178 kg, and it works in conjunction with a six-speed manual, developing 663 hp. and 467 Nm of torque.

GMA T.50 2022.

However, when using the extreme V-Max preset, in which a 48-volt starter-generator is also connected to work, the peak output of the power plant can reach 700 «horses».

As for the cutoff, you can spin the engine up to 12,100 rpm. The dynamic characteristics of the supercar have not yet been advertised.

Note that in order to minimize weight, the developers abandoned the use of an all-wheel drive transmission, so that all traction is transmitted to the rear axle.

The car received a suspension with steel springs and aluminum passive shock absorbers, which lacks elements that allow you to adjust its rigidity and ground clearance.

This is again one of the measures aimed at lightening the design of the machine.

In addition, the supercar is equipped with light forged wheels with a central nut fastening, with 19-inch wheels installed at the front and 20-inch wheels at the rear.

GMA T.50 2022.

They are “shod” in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires of 235/35 and 295/30 dimensions, respectively. Braking is carried out by carbon-ceramic calipers with six-piston calipers with 370mm discs in front and four-piston calipers with 340mm discs in the rear.

The start of mass production of the supercar Gordon Murray T.50 is scheduled for 2022.

The circulation of the two-door will be only 100 copies, and each of the cars will be developed with the direct participation of their future owners.

In particular, people who pre-ordered the coupe will be able to configure the exterior and interior of the car.

The minimum price of the model is from 2.36 million pounds (227.7 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

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