Mercedes C-Class 2022.

Mercedes C-Class 2022.

Mercedes C-Class 2022.

Mercedes C-Class 2022: fifth generation model (body W206).
The presentation of the fifth generation Mercedes-Benz C-class 2022 took place in Germany.

The most popular model of the brand (2.5 million cars sold in seven years) was modernized with an eye to the «senior» S-class, catching up to it in design, equipment and technology.

Together with the sedan (body W206), the station wagon (index S206) was also declassified, which in a number of European countries is sold better than the four-door. Orders for the new 2022 C-Class will begin on March 30th and will go on sale this summer.

On the Russian market, the novelty will be presented only in the sedan body — the C 180 and C 200 4Matic versions have already been announced.

We will start accepting applications for cars in the second quarter of 2021, deliveries will be established from Germany.

Body design and dimensions

The four-door C-class retained its signature silhouette with the interior shifted back, only now it is shifted to the stern even further.

Mercedes C-Class 2022.

At the same time, the dimensions of the car were increased: the length increased by 65 mm (up to 4751 mm), the width — by 10 mm (up to 1820 mm), the wheelbase — by 25 mm (up to 2865 mm). Only the height has decreased — it is 1438 mm (-9 mm).

The dimensions of the Estate station wagon are similar, but due to the roof rails, its height reaches 1455 mm.

The front and rear lighting equipment of the tseshek is made in the same vein as that of the new S-class. The headlights are diode by default, and Digital Light modules with millions of swivel mirrors are available for an additional fee.

Such optics can draw a virtual lane on the road taking into account the width of the car and project the indications of road signs.

The design of the radiator grille depends on the version: the standard pattern is replaced by sipes on the AVANTGARDE line version, and diamond cells on the AMG Line.

Mercedes C-Class 2022.

The aft lights have the familiar triangular shape, with the interior sections located on the boot lid. There are several rear bumper configurations in line with the design lines.

The special shape of the rear end of the station wagon worsens its aerodynamics — the coefficient of resistance to oncoming currents is 0.27, while the sedan has 0.24.

Three new shades have been added to the model’s body color palette — Spectral Blue, High-Tech Silver and Opalite White. The standard wheel size is 17-19 inches.

Improved interior

The interior of the new Mercedes C-Class has a similar architecture to the S-class, however, the upper part of the front panel and ventilation deflectors at the «tsesheks» are made differently.

But the multimedia functionality is almost the same. The center console is occupied by a vertical tablet of the MBUX system with a diagonal of 9.5 or 11.9 inches, turned towards the driver.

Access to the media center interface opens after scanning the fingerprints. Supported features include voice control, MBUX Smart Home, audio streaming, mobile office and remote software updates.

In addition to the main screen, a digital instrument panel (size 10.25 or 12.3 inches) and a head-up display are used to display on-board information.

Comprehensive comfort management is carried out by the Energizing Comfort system, which has advanced massage programs and a built-in “fitness trainer” Energizing Coach (gives recommendations for health improvement based on travel data).

Mercedes C-Class 2022.

Improvements have also been made to electronic assistants. Adaptive cruise control now detects stationary vehicles at speeds up to 100 km / h (was 60 km / h), Active Steering Assist uses a circular view camera to recognize lane markings, Traffic Sign Assist reads information from signs located as along the edges and over the roadway.

The interior of the new Mercedes C-Class after a generational change offers passengers more freedom. The front shoulder width has increased by 22 mm and the rear by 15 mm.

The headroom of the rear riders in the sedan increased by 13 mm, in the station wagon — by 11 mm; the legs are 21 mm more spacious.

The trunk of the Estate station wagon has added 30 liters in volume and now holds 490 liters (with the rear row folded down — 1510 liters). The sedan’s cargo compartment, as before, is capable of taking 455 liters.

Mercedes C-Class 2022.

Specifications Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2022.

The «fifth» Mercedes C-class will be available in the following classic versions:

C 180 — petrol engine 1.5 liter, 170 hp and 250 Nm;
C 200 — 1.5 liters, 204 hp and 300 Nm;
C 300 — 2.0 liters, 258 hp and 400 Nm;
C 220 d — 2.0 liter turbodiesel, 200 hp and 440 Nm;
C 300 d — 2.0 liters, 265 hp and 550 Nm.

All of the above versions have four-cylinder engines equipped with a hybrid EQ Boost system in the format of a starter-generator with a capacity of 20 hp. (200 Nm).

The gearbox is uncontested — 9-speed automatic 9G-Tronic, and 4Matic all-wheel drive is available as an option only for modifications of Mercedes-Benz C 200 and C 300.

There are also two plug-in hybrids in the lineup: the petrol C 300 e and the diesel C 300 de.

Both received a new battery with a capacity of 25.4 kW * h (instead of the previous one by 13.5 kW * h), which made it possible to increase the power reserve on one electric traction to 100 km.

When the internal combustion engine is off, an electric motor with a return of 129 hp. and 440 Nm is capable of accelerating the car to 140 km / h.

The suspension of the new «tseshek» is independent: double wishbone at the front and multi-link at the rear. Adaptive dampers and a sports chassis are available at an additional cost.

The air suspension is only fitted to the rear rechargeable hybrids. Swivel rear wheels that can tilt up to 2.5 degrees are optional equipment.

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