GMA T.50s 2022.

GMA T.50s 2022.

GMA T.50s 2022.

The GMA T.50s 2022 Niki Lauda track supercar was estimated at 324 million rubles.

Earlier, the British company Gordon Murray Automotive unveiled the T.50 road supercar, and in February of the twenty-first it declassified the track version of this model.

The novelty was named «T.50s Niki Lauda» — in honor of the three-time F1 champion Austrian Niki Lauda. By the way, the modification was declassified on the birthday of the legendary racer.

The track version of the supercar received other body panels made of ultra-lightweight carbon. Such a car is also characterized by the presence of a more developed aerodynamic body kit with a pronounced front splitter, an enlarged rear diffuser and a new wing.

GMA T.50s 2022.

It is reported that the two-door body kit generates about 1,500 kg of downforce. Like the road model, the novelty has a 400mm fan at the rear, while the developers themselves focus on the air intake located on the roof, which provides fresh air to the motor.

The interior layout of the racing coupe has been revised — there are only two seats inside instead of three.

The driver’s bucket, made of carbon fiber, is still centered, while the only passenger seat is to the left. But the seat on the right gave way to a fire extinguisher.

GMA T.50s 2022.

The Niki Lauda track GMA T.50s is reported to weigh only 852 kg, which is 134 kg lighter than the road T.50.

The racing supercar is powered by a standard 3.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine, but the British have managed to improve the performance of the latter from 663 to 735 hp.

The modified engine received different camshafts and a modified design of the cylinder heads. Now it is able to spin up to 12,100 rpm.

The power unit works in tandem with the new six-band X-Trac robot with paddle shifters.

Another feature of the model is the more efficient Inconel exhaust system.

GMA T.50s 2022.

Plus, the modification is characterized by the presence of a reconfigured suspension with low ground clearance: the front ground clearance of the car is 87 mm, and the rear is 116 mm.

If the circulation of the usual GMA T.50 is limited to a hundred copies, then 25 track doors will be released.

Each of the machines will be personalized according to the customer’s wishes. In addition, each customer will have access to the so-called «Trackspeed Package», which includes full technical support when leaving the racetrack.

GMA T.50s 2022.

The British will start assembling track two-doors immediately after the end of production of road cars, that is, not earlier than January 2023.

At the same time, the cost of the racing supercar is already known — 3.1 million pounds (324.0 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

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