Haval H9 2021.

Haval H9 2021.

Haval H9 2021.

Haval H9 2021: a full-size SUV with a crossover layout.

The Chinese company is positioning a new version of the premium car Haval H9 2021 as the flagship of the crossover range. Experts agree that the new model is a fairly comfortable and functional four-wheel drive frame-type SUV with appropriate accessories.

The branded “nine” of the 2021 sample has acquired very aggressive body design details, additional functions of standard and paid options, as well as improved speed and consumption characteristics of the engine range declared by the manufacturer.


Judging by the latest photos, the surface restyling of the SUV is more defined by the renewal of the layout parts of the front end, optics, bumper, configuration of air intakes and some elements of the frontal relief.

According to the participants of the first presentation, the novelty looks more stylish and presentable, at the same time somewhat aggressive.

Haval H9 2021.

In the spotlight:

• stepped sidewalls and longitudinal reliefs of the massive bonnet;

• decorative chrome plating of the lamellas and the perimeter of the large-format radiator grille, as well as the wedge-shaped shape of the multifunctional front optics units;

• compact format visually combined with large side diffusers of the lower air intake.

The design features of the lower segment of the massive front end include fog lamp shades recessed into the body, powerful «fangs» of the bumper and a small-sized panel of metal-plastic body kit. The status of the frontal decor is the corporate logo, chrome-plated frames of the side air ducts and details of the stepped relief decorated in a sporty style.

From a side view, the new body of the 2021 Haval H9 off-road crossover is no less interesting. Attention is attracted by:

• practically flat roof equipped with silver rails;

• narrow perimeter and wide pillars of three-section side windows;

• massive mirrors and compact door handles complemented by LED turn signals.

The fact that the novelty belongs to the category of off-road vehicles is confirmed by the large volume of wheel arches, high ground clearance and short body overhangs.

The design of the back of the case can be called typical. In the presence of a spoiler visor, traditional for a crossover layout, a tailgate decorated with a chrome trim and nameplates, and a complex configuration of vertical lights. The compact bumper includes a pair of fog lights and a silver protective plastic body kit.

Haval H9 2021.


The premium status of the new «nine» is seen in the high quality of interior finishing and decorating materials, genuine leather, elastic facing plastic and elements of interior decor. In the design features of the front panel:

• digital imitation of an analog multi-mode instrument panel with a built-in on-board computer monitor;

• block-type central console, which includes a media command display, a set of vertical deflectors and a control panel with elements for activating functional and comfort-forming systems.

On the lower tier of the dashboard there is a panel for adjusting the cabin microclimate and multimedia equipment. A small part of the command functions is assigned to the multifunction multifunction steering wheel button blocks. The central tunnel includes a technical sector with a joystick for shifting an automated transmission, cup holders, a refrigerator and a comfortable, soft armrest.

The front seats of the spacious seven-seater salon, equipped with lateral support, are the most comfortable. Service functionality includes several ranges of working adjustments, heating and ventilation circuits.

The second row seats are ergonomic and well profiled, with an adjustable backrest tilt. Partial transformation of the seats in both rows allows the volume of the 112-liter luggage compartment to be increased to 747 and 1457 liters, respectively.

Haval H9 2021.


The body dimensions of the crossover, realized in nominal ratios of 4856 x 1926 and 1900 mm, determine the belonging of the new model range to the segment of full-size cars.

• The 2021 Haval H9 is based on the time-tested advantages of a rigid spar frame, with a spring-link front axle suspension and a longitudinal-link system with a continuous axle — rear.

• The chassis includes a complete set of anti-roll bars, disc brakes and electronic road safety systems. Control comfort is ensured by the built-in power steering.

In the new generation, Hawal N9 2021 demonstrates the traction and operating characteristics of the component motor range that are optimal for its category. Domestic motorists are given a choice of two models.

• In the first version, it is a two-liter petrol «four» with an output of 245 hp. and 350 Nm of peak thrust. The diesel analogue with the same volume and torque coefficient of 420 Nm develops a power of 190 hp.

Haval H9 2021.

• Both engines are aggregated with an all-wheel drive 8-band six-mode automatic, equipped with an electronically controlled clutch and a reduction gear.

A multidisciplinary test drive in all respects confirmed the driving characteristics declared by the company, as well as the well-coordinated interaction of the technical and electronic accessories.

Options and prices

The new Hawal N9 of the 2021 model year is offered to domestic amateurs in the only technically advanced and comfortable Elite configuration. The price of gasoline and diesel versions is indicated in the range of 2.1-2.2 million rubles.

Sales start in Russia

Release date in Russia is being specified. Most likely, the first deliveries will begin at the beginning of the current winter season, 2020.

Competing models

The top positions in the list of competitors are occupied by the same type of model: Chevrolet Tahoe, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Nissan Patrol and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

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