Mazda 6 2021 Japanese business sedan.

Mazda 6 2021.

Mazda 6 2021 Japanese business sedan.

Mazda 6 2021 Japanese business sedan with premium status claim.
A new version of the popular branded sedan — Mazda 6 2021 is presented to the attention of lovers of Japanese automotive technology. In the new embodiment, the model positions itself as a mid-size multi-profile car with modern starting, speed and operating parameters.

The novelty of the model assortment is focused on the needs of wealthy men who run a successful business or hold a responsible position in the management apparatus.


In relation to its predecessor, the new Mazda model of the 2021 model looks more stylish and somewhat aggressive. The already bright and expressive body design of the sedan is complemented by original decoration and layout solutions.

Mazda 6 2021.

A characteristic feature of the new model range is the rounded aerodynamic contours of the body, the predominance of smooth wave reliefs, the sporty design of light-alloy rims, the integrity and solidity of the structure as a whole.

Judging by the photo, the most changes are in the frontal projection of the case. In stock:

• increased slope and ribbed sidewalls of the hood;

• compact format of front lens optics units;

• chrome-plated figured semi-perimeter of oval radiator cladding tightened with a coarse mesh.

The lower front end is equipped with a bumper protruding in the central part, a ventilation duct combined with side diffusers and a ribbed body kit. The decorative functions are performed by the chrome plating of the overlays and the corporate logo, as well as a combination of stepped and wave relief elements.

In the profile view of the modernized sedan, attention is drawn to the fastback profile of the dome roof, the contrasting ratio of the silver frame and black trim of the side windows, the black gloss of the mirror housings and the elegant curves of the branded longitudinal reliefs. The expressive multi-beam design of the 19-inch wheels blends in with the overall style.

The design features a shorter and slightly raised stern with a decorative spoiler lip and a compact format complemented by interior lamp segments, a trim strip and branding for the luggage compartment lid.

A massive bumper with built-in fog lamps, an air diffuser and a small-sized body kit equipped with large-caliber chrome exhaust looks less aggressive.

Mazda 6 2021.


In the renovation of the salon interior, the restyling has identified itself with the expansion of the range of finishing materials, improved ergonomics of controls and all five seats. In the new generation Mazda 6 2021 demonstrates new samples of technical equipment and updated output characteristics of on-board electronics.

• The spoke-free top of the multifunction steering wheel provides excellent visibility to the 3-dial gauge cluster or top-of-the-line virtual counterpart.

• Sporty minimalism dominates the equipment and layout of the center console. The list of equipment includes a media-command tablet, a block of two ventilation deflectors and an intuitive panel for setting the climate control system.

• The construction of the tunnel includes a technical sector with a compact transmission shift lever, a multimedia washer, organizers and a folding armrest that combines the functions of a mini-refrigerator cover.

Perfectly profiled seats in the first row are equipped with lateral support elements, additional operating setting ranges, ventilation and heating circuits. The welcoming sofa offers comfortable seating for three passengers, with additional amenities including air vents, a center armrest and a reclining backrest.

The wide loading opening of the trunk does not compensate for its rather modest 429-liter volume for the mid-size. The compact «dock» and the onboard tool are located in the floor recess. The new body offers the possibility of loading long vehicles due to the simple transformation of the second row seats.

Mazda 6 2021.


Despite belonging to the D-class car segment, the new Mazda 6 2021 sedan is as close as possible to full-size models in terms of its dimensions in the ratios of 4870 x 1840 and 1450 mm. The length of the base 2830 improves cabin comfort, and the clearance height of 165 mm allows you to overcome problem areas of the road.

• The design of the novelty includes the operational advantages of a proprietary front-wheel drive platform with a transverse engine layout, combined rack-and-pinion suspension and an active electric power steering.

• The running gear has a full range of effective disc brakes, an electronic torque distribution circuit, and a set of stabilizers and road safety systems.

Mazda 6 2021.

The range of power units includes three gasoline atmospheric and turbocharged «fours» with a volume of 2 to 2.5 liters, with an output of 150 hp / 213 Nm, 194 hp / 258 Nm and 231 hp / 204 Nm, respectively peak thrust.

The entire engine range is adapted to the design features of the 6-band uncontested automatic front-wheel drive power train.

The test drive confirmed the dynamics of acceleration to the first hundred of 7-10.5 seconds, a maximum speed of 208-240 km / h and an economical fuel consumption for its class of 6.6-7.8 liters per 100 km of run in mixed mode.

Options and prices

The new Mazda 6 2021 model year will be delivered to the EU countries in six versions. Depending on the configuration, the price of the model will vary in a wide range: 1.3-2.3 million Russian rubles.

Sales start in Russia

According to the established tradition, new models of foreign brands enter our market with some delay, so the release date in Russia will be published no earlier than the middle of the autumn season of 2020.

Competing models

The list of real rivals includes Chevrolet Malibu, Audi A4, Toyota Corona Mark II, Citroen DS5, Fiat Tipo and Volvo S60 and more than two dozen other names.

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