Haval Raptor 2024.

Haval Raptor 2024.

Haval Raptor 2024.

Haval Raptor 2024: a new hybrid crossover as an alternative to the petrol Dargo.

Essentially, this is the same car, but with a hybrid filling, as well as a slightly modified exterior design and interior.

Three years ago, during the debut of the Haval Dargo (DaGou in China), in addition to the classic gasoline versions, a hybrid was promised.

But the manufacturer decided not to expand the range of modifications of the current model, but to release a separate car under a different name.

So, the Haval Raptor 2024 is offered in two hybrid versions, but the differences are very small.

Both have a 1.5 petrol turbo unit under the hood, and electric motors are installed on the front and rear axles.

Moreover, a gasoline internal combustion engine can operate as a generator (charging the battery) and as a main unit (connecting to the wheels).

Characteristics of modifications:

Basic version: 1.5 petrol turbo unit (167 hp and 243 Hm), front electric motor (95 hp), rear electric motor (204 hp).

Traction battery 19.1 kWh (power reserve in purely electric mode 102 km). The total system power is 378 hp. and 750 Nm.

Haval Raptor 2024.

Next version: 1.5 petrol turbo unit (167 hp and 243 Hm), front electric motor (109 hp), rear electric motor (204 hp).

Traction battery 27.5 kWh (power reserve in purely electric mode 145 km). The total system power is 384 hp. and 750 Nm. Acceleration to 100 km/h – 6.6 seconds. Maximum speed – 190 km/h.

The dimensions of the new Haval Raptor 2024, in comparison with Dargo, are slightly increased.

For example, the length is 4680 mm versus 4620 mm for the Dargo, the increase in width is 26 mm (1916 mm versus 1890 mm), the height is 1822 mm (versus 1780 mm), but the wheelbase is the same — 2738 mm.

Haval Raptor 2024.

Among the differences, we can highlight the fifth door, while the Dargo has a classic bottom-up opening, while the Raptor has a hinged trunk door.

The interior is almost completely unified, the only difference is the size of the media system screen; the hybrid Raptor has a larger one.

Sales in its native China will start in the near future; it may well be that the Haval Raptor will be brought to Russia in 2024, because Dargo is in good demand.

With the release of the Chinese Haval DaGou (Dargo) SUV in 2020, not only its petrol but also hybrid versions were promised.

They had to wait three years for their appearance, but the manufacturer decided to make a new model out of them. The Haval Raptor had its own original body, albeit in the same style as the “Big Dog”.

Its main differences were a more “square” profile and a hinged tailgate instead of a lifting one.

Technically, the Chinese “Predator” offered two versions at once, differing in power, but due to the difference in weight, having the same performance dynamics.

Haval Raptor 2024.

Exterior design

The body of the Haval Raptor 2024 crossover has more right angles than is strongly reminiscent of the British Defender.

The shape of the side glazing also became squared, the steps disappeared from the sills, and the rear optics were simplified to double lights that took place on the pillars.

The spare wheel is placed on the tailgate in an off-road style, which forced the bumper to be simplified.

At the front, only the overhang is original, while the round headlights and frameless grille with three cross bars and the brand name remain almost unchanged.

Haval Raptor 2024.

In terms of size, the wheelbase of the car has not changed (2738 mm), but the length of the Haval Raptor, thanks to new bumpers and a spare wheel, has increased to a respectable 4800 mm.


There are even fewer differences in the cabin, except for the larger screen of the head information unit.

A digital dashboard with an additional display on top, a multi-function steering wheel, vertical air ducts, a wide superstructure of the central tunnel — this was carried over from the “Big Dog”, although the design of the door cards and various accessories are different from the “Predator”.

It’s gratifying that the developer tried to make the model as unique as possible, although he had every opportunity to simply change the transmission.

Technical contents and characteristics

The weakest point of any hybrid or electric SUV is considered by many to be the battery, which is usually located in the underbody.

The Haval Raptor 2024 is equipped with a hybrid power system consisting of a 1.5 petrol engine used as a generator and as a traction motor for the front axle. Also, one electric motor is installed on both axles: 150 kW (204 hp) at the rear, 70 kW (95 hp) or 80 kW (109 hp) at the front.

The more powerful version has a traction battery with a capacity of 27.5 kWh, while the base one has a capacity of 19.1 kWh. Because of this, the electric range of these modifications differs (102 and 145 km), but their dynamics are the same — 6.6 seconds to “hundreds” and 190 km/h “maximum speed”.


Hybrid Haval Raptor 2024 will go on sale in the fall and so far only in China. The preliminary price is up to 200,000 yuan or 2.7 million rubles.


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