Honda Breeze 2021.

Honda Breeze 2021.

Honda Breeze 2021.

Most recently, Honda unveiled a crossover that will only be sold in China. Its name is Honda Breeze 2021. The new model is an enlarged CR-V.

The novelty also boasts a slightly modified interior, where you can observe more free space, and a different engine range, whose representatives will get pretty good characteristics.

The price of the car will also be slightly higher than that of the CR-V, but it will still be at a level that is quite acceptable for many inhabitants of the Celestial Empire.


Honda pays a lot of attention to the design of their cars. The new body was no exception, so now you can see a very stylish and bright crossover that will appeal to both young drivers and seniors.

The first will appreciate the abundance of decor, which includes numerous transitions in height, both stepped and wavy, a bunch of chrome inserts, as well as various other elements. The second contingent of buyers will like the large dimensions and solid appearance in general.

As you can see in the photo, the front of the car has absorbed the bulk of the jewelry. It is notable for its small dimensions, but it is located at a decent height, but this does not in any way impair the driver’s visibility, since the muzzle is also placed at an angle.

Honda Breeze 2021.

A variety of decorations can be seen already on the bonnet. The central part of the cover is slightly recessed into the body, and its side parts, presented in the form of thin strips, bulge outward.

Immediately behind the hood is a narrow chrome-trimmed stripe, in the center of which is the Honda brand badge.

On the sides, this strip passes into the head optics, which looks quite menacing, and LED lights of sufficiently good quality will be used to fill it in any configuration. Also in the center of the bumper can be found a small trapezoidal air intake painted black.

A lot of space is allocated here for the body kit. It has a bunch of transitions in height, both stepped and wavy, another air intake is also trapezoidal, but already painted in gloss black, a platform for installing a license plate, decorative recesses on the sides, fog lights and other small decorations, of which both times and such a formidable appearance is formed.

Honda Breeze 2021.

The profile part of the crossover already looks more solid than aggressive. There is a lot of space for the windows, which are assembled in their traditional shape, framed by thin lines painted in chrome.

Inside, the glass is divided into parts by thin stripes painted in gloss black, which also merge with the windows into a single whole. Even on top, you can find rather large rear-view mirrors, which have received an almost rectangular shape and are always equipped with turn signals.

The main part of the body is decorated here with an abundance of light undulating relief, and from below you can find slightly inflated wheel arches and protruding sills.

As stylish and aggressive as the front, the car looks from the back. The rear of the car has almost no slope, and most of its area is represented by the luggage compartment door. Its design begins with a long embossed visor, which also includes a strip of stop signals.

Next is a large rectangular luggage compartment window, framed on the sides by part of the marker lights. The main part of the optics is shown below. The main part of the door includes an abundance of stepped relief, a bunch of chrome nameplates and a recess for a license plate.

Honda Breeze 2021.

The design of the bumper is completed with a body kit that protrudes slightly outward. It is adorned with fog lights, light relief, a metal diffuser and a pair of exhaust pipes.


Inside, the new 2021 Honda Breeze will be almost identical to the CR-V, except for some details. Natural leather, some fabrics and plastic, metals and even wood are used for car finishing.

Also, the crossover will receive an advanced multimedia complex with a lot of useful functionality, and very comfortable seats will be responsible for the comfort of passengers.

The dashboard of the car looks pretty solid and has nothing superfluous. Elements such as a neat row of deflectors, a touchscreen display for multimedia control, an auxiliary panel equipped with analog and touch buttons with washers, and a part of the tunnel represented by a technical console with buttons, switches and a transmission selector flaunt here.

On the rest of the tunnel, you can observe cup holders, a small storage compartment covered with a curtain, and an armrest, inside which a refrigerator can also be placed.

Honda Breeze 2021.

 The car seats provide all passengers with a fairly high level of comfort. Each of the seats is trimmed with natural leather and has a heating system.

The front row is additionally equipped with electrical adjustments, and the second row is equipped with a separate armrest and the ability to adjust the backrest tilt.


For the Honda Breeze 2021, two options for equipping the engine compartment are offered. The base engine for the car will be a 1.5-liter gasoline unit with a peak power of 193 horsepower.

It works in tandem with a variator. The second option is hybrid. It can produce 215 forces and does not have a transmission, since the front wheels rotate directly from the motor. The version with a traditional motor can be all-wheel drive.

A test drive of the car will later show what it can do in different conditions.

Options and prices

The price of the car will be at least 25 thousand dollars.


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