Honda CR-V 2023.

Honda CR-V 2023.

Honda CR-V 2023.

Honda CR-V 2023. Honda began testing the first test model of the new, sixth-generation CR-V crossover over the summer.

It is expected that the official debut of the car will not be until the second half of 2022. In spite of this, some details of Japanese novelty appearance are already known.

This was possible thanks to the publication of a rendering image.

According to rumors, the future Honda CR-V will undergo drastic changes.

This is reflected in the rendering, which captures the car, resembling its predecessor only in some details.

Thus, the crossover has retained the familiar optics with a characteristic «stroke» of LED lights, laid on top.

But the front headlights became narrower, their shape and graphics have changed. The radiator grille retained its large size and got big «honeycomb».

And the front bumper is distinguished by a relatively simple design. Along its bottom there is a narrow air intake, which is flanked by thin ribbons of LED fog lights.

In general, the presented Honda CR-V stands out for its sporty appearance. Stylistically the crossover has become similar to the Civic sedan debuted a few months ago.

Honda CR-V 2023.

The future Honda CR-V will lose vertically oriented taillights. This is evidenced by photos of the test prototype, which has stern optics located horizontally.

And this design decision is also radical, as all the previous five generations had vertically placed rear lights.

It is expected that the interior of the Honda CR-V will also undergo serious changes. According to rumors, the interior design will follow the stylistics of the last HR-V.

In addition, according to preliminary information, the new Honda CR-V will be equipped exclusively with hybrid units.

Honda CR-V 2023.

The fifth generation of Honda CR-V has been on the market for five years, so the company is working on the sixth generation, which will debut on the European market in 2023.

The sixth generation Honda CR-V is on its way. The Japanese brand is testing a new SUV that will become the benchmark offering on the European market.

This novelty is characterized by a modern and sporty design. The debut is scheduled for 2023.

The new SUV will undergo radical changes, betting on a more sporty design that will follow in the footsteps of the recently released Civic.

This play accurately reflects the new design, highlighting the ripped LED headlights framing a large grille with a black honeycomb pattern.


Honda CR-V 2023.

The daytime running light is located at the top edge of the headlights, connecting to the opposite light via a chrome bar.

The new model will be offered with only three rows of seating for seating seven passengers.

Honda has also added a sportier touch to the silhouette with rearview mirrors attached to the door panels.
At the rear, the CR-V 2023 inherits a new horizontal optics design, losing the characteristic vertical portion of the five previous generations.

Honda CR-V 2023.

Honda will also create a completely different atmosphere in the interior, following the line advanced in the new HR-V, with a large touchscreen and visual elaboration.

The Japanese manufacturer will keep its line of electrification, so the new CR-V e: HEV will only be a plug-in hybrid with no gasoline or diesel versions.

It will have a lithium-ion battery, providing a maximum range of 60 kilometers.

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