Hydrogen Toyota Mirai 2022.

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai 2022.

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai 2022.

The 2022 Toyota Mirai gets a semi-autonomous, hands-free Teammate driving system.

The brand’s flagship hydrogen-powered model for the 2022 production year gets Teammate driver assistance technology.

Available exclusively on the Mirai Limited for $66,000, the Teammate system has two features known as Advanced Drive and Advanced Park.

Advanced Park comes standard on the Limited and allows for hands-free parking as the car steers, accelerates, brakes and shifts gears itself.

Advanced Drive will cost $5,170, this system allows for hands-free driving on the highway under certain conditions.

Toyota says the Level 2 semi-autonomous driving system can «plan and execute acceleration, braking and steering commands under the active control of the driver.»

The company added that it can also «keep the vehicle within the lane, follow other vehicles, change lanes, navigate certain junctions and traffic jams, and overtake slower cars.»

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai 2022.

The 2022 Mirai costs from $49,500. The sedan has a 1.24-kWh lithium-ion battery and three carbon-fiber-reinforced hydrogen storage tanks that power the fuel cell.

The latter causes a chemical reaction by combining hydrogen with air oxygen.

The electricity thus generated is used to power the rear-mounted electric motor, which develops 182 hp.

The hydrogen sedan can reach a hundred in 9.2 seconds. It can travel about 647 kilometers on a single charge.

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai 2022.

The Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen reality, a calm and poised cruiser capable of emitting only water.

Unfortunately, the necessary infrastructure to make the Mirai viable for most people is still a pipe dream.

That’s too bad, because in some alternate timeline fuel cell EVs will lead the shift away from the internal combustion engine, and the Mirai could be at the top of the list.

Toyota ditched almost everything from the previous version of the Mirai to create the 2.0 version.

It’s built on a new platform, is longer (3.3 inches / 84 millimeters), lower (2.5 inches / 64 mm) and wider (2.7 inches / 69 mm).

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai 2022.

It also sends its power to the rear, making it Toyota’s first rear-wheel-drive sedan in decades.

It also looks good. Improved proportions certainly help, but the lines also speak a whole new language.

Slim headlights and a heavily rugged grille give the car a distinctive look at the front, while the sides are devoid of any fussy lines.

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai 2022.

At the rear, the rear window extends almost to the rear spoiler, which, combined with the full-width taillight design, is reminiscent of the Audi A8. That’s not a bad company.

Toyota has also improved the power output of the hydrogen Mirai. The electric motor now produces 182 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque.

In addition, the range is increased: it is 647 km in the XLE configuration, and 575 km in the Limited configuration, which was at the review.

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