Toyota Mirai 2022.

Toyota Mirai 2022.

Toyota Mirai 2022.

The car is positioned as a 2022 model. Thus, it took 8 years to change generation.

Japanese Toyota has told about updated car Mirai 2022 which will be powered by hydrogen fuel.

Under the hood of the previous version is used TFCS engine, the patent for which has long been obtained. Its power output is 114 kW.

The new car should become even more powerful and get more range on a single charge.

Previously, Toyota kept this information strictly secret. Engineers have seriously changed the layout — the engine is located on the rear axle, the new place was given to the battery.

All this was aimed at improving control — the car should have a more correct weight distribution.

According to preliminary data, the novelty is based on the GA-L platform — this is in addition to other technical advantages allows more space in the cabin.

Interior of the new Toyota Mirai will also change. The multimedia screen will grow and the instrument panel will become digital.

Toyota Mirai 2022.

The car gets three fuel tanks — the total hydrogen capacity will increase to 5.6 kg, which is really excellent.

The production version of the Toyota Mirai has been presented at the China International Import Expo 2021.

Recall that the main feature of this sedan is equipped with hydrogen fuel cells.

For the first time, this car has been shown on the territory of China. It is reported that the range of the new Toyota Mirai compared to the previous version of the car has been increased and is now 850 km.

It is already known that the Japanese model will be used during the winter Olympics in Beijing.

Toyota Mirai 2022.

The car will mainly perform transportation of spectators or staff in the mountainous areas. 140 copies of Toyota Mirai have already arrived in the country for this purpose.

In terms of appearance, the new Toyota Mirai does not differ much from the concept version shown earlier.

The model looks like a vehicle from the future and a family car at the same time.

In the front part of the «Japanese» the wide radiator grille is installed, which makes the car like a dragon.

At the edges of it the long and narrow headlights are located. On the side the car has a descending roof line, which makes it very elegant.

Toyota Mirai 2022.

Rear lights are made in a popular today through design. Overall dimensions of Japanese novelty is 4973x1884x1468 mm, and the wheelbase is 2918 mm.

The interior of the Mirai uses the latest Toyota design language. The entire central control area is slightly sloped towards the driver.

The asymmetrical design of the console draws attention and creates the feeling of being in a car of the future. In front of the driver is a three-spoke multispoke steering wheel and an 8-inch digital dashboard.

The infotainment system is controlled using a 12.3-inch touchscreen monitor.

Toyota Mirai 2022.

In terms of available equipment, the car is equipped with heated and ventilated front seats, a rearview mirror for multimedia streaming, a JBL audio system and so on.

As mentioned, the new Toyota Mirai is powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The system has a maximum output of 182 horsepower and a traction level of 300 N*m.

The top speed that the sedan can reach is 175 km/h.

The car is also equipped with three hydrogen storage tanks, giving it a range of 850 km on the WTLC cycle.

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